For Klutch, Platform Agnosticism Equals Big Success

February 5, 2015

2:30 pm

Klutch recently announced the official launch of their Android and web-based apps, completing the development of their frictionless real-time scheduling platform. It’s a huge step forward for the team at Klutch, who had a major pivot in September 2014.

The two new platform offerings in Android and web will be joining Klutch’s already existing iPhone offering. As the founders are now proud to say, Klutch is platform-agnostic which only makes it easier for users on different devices and operating systems to communicate wherever, whenever.

“Scheduling with groups has been notoriously cumbersome for a long time,” says Hunter Gray, CEO of Klutch. “This breakthrough release is all about the incredible team we’ve built at Klutch and our commitment to solving this social productivity problem.”

Messaging and scheduling is something the team has kept very close to the core during their development, building Klutch to fit our digital dependency on multiple devices. According to Gray, the diversity of platforms and devices thoroughly limits meaningful collaboration and connection.

“Everyone being on different pages makes communication tricky. Our goal is to connect those dots,” says Gray.

In effect, Gray and his VP of Engineering Lisa Dusseault have built a product with the potential to disrupt the current scheduling platform market, and do it in a big way. The two also have an explicit intent to develop an all-in-one framework: combine messaging, calendars, and email into one, ultimate scheduling platform.

“It’s has been truly exceptional and really excites me about what the future holds,” finishes Mark Kolokotrones, a Klutch investor from Knight and Bishop L.P.



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