Why Landlords Should Use Property Inspection Apps

May 2, 2015

8:00 pm

When you are conducting a move out inspection, being able to fully document everything is vital not only for your protection, but for your tenant as well. This means having a property inspection app which can document, store and retrieve valuable information that can be extremely helpful. It will help you ascertain any damage that needs to be addressed as well as how much of the security deposit that you will have to withhold.

The benefits begin with being able to look at photographs taken before the tenant moved onto the property. You can compare them with images taken during the move out inspection and see what damage was pre-existing and what damage had developed during the time they were present. You have a historical timeline that will show the wear and tear that the property has undergone.  With property inspection apps like Inspection IO, landlords can be relieved of their concerns.


By law, you will have to spray for pests every so often. However, this does not mean that pests are unable to get a foothold on the property. Plus, the signs of certain pests such as termites can be difficult to spot until they have caused a much greater deal of damage. By comparing photographs of the different areas of the property to how they first looked when the tenant moved in, you can spot the changes that may have been too subtle for the tenant to see when they lived there.

Structural Damage

You can look at the structural elements of the property such as the walls, windows, doors, carpets and all other related areas. You can see by comparing the photos taken from before the tenant moved in if there have been changes such as soiled carpets, damage to the walls, windows and doors. Furthermore, you can tell if the damage is due to the normal wear that happens over time or if it came from another source.

Water Damage

Here, you can look for signs of any water damage to the property that may have come from outside or inside sources. Water damage can be difficult to detect at times because the effects generally start off as subtle. Here, the property inspection app can really work wonders as you can compare pictures of the ceiling for example to see if there has been any water intrusion from the roof. From the app, you can help determine the source of the water intrusion and know whether it was something that your tenant might have caused or if it was something outside their responsibility.

Remember that you should not rely on your memory about the details from previous inspections. A property inspection app can greatly help by retaining photographs along with proper notes that can provide the best, most accurate assessment of how the property has changed over the time the tenant was there. This will help prevent misunderstandings and mistakes that could land you in trouble if you are not careful. So, be sure to photograph and record everything with a property inspection app.

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