LaunchKey Offers Authentication via White Label SDK

April 28, 2015

12:00 pm

Passwords are no longer an adequate method of authentication and are one of the primary driving forces behind recent global security breaches (Slack, Uber, Anthem, Twitch). At the same time, the growing “Internet of Things” is generally incompatible with passwords because most “things” don't have interfaces that allow for a password. Most smart devices and “things” require fully decentralized authentication (i.e. authentication layer resides out of band).

LaunchKey has officially announced the launch of their White Label SDK (Software Development Kit) for all mobile platforms. This means that companies can now have their end users login to their website or web app using their mobile app. According to the company's release, “this can be done as a traditional 2-step login, where instead of a text code or similar, the 2nd step is a push notification to their app (not a 3rd party app) which asks them for a fingerprint or similar to authenticate into their web property.”

Traditional authentication solutions such as Duo Security, Authy, and Google Authenticator are still utilizing out-of-band factors of authentication that rely on shared secret architectures meant to be utilized on top of conventional in-band authentication layers utilizing usernames and passwords.


With LaunchKey, a company’s end users can utilize the security factors they choose, such as geofencing, Bluetooth device verification, fingerprint scan, etc., while the company’s application itself can actually enforce that end users utilize a certain factor or amount of factors through the LaunchKey API as well as restrict authorization to specific geolocations and time frames. This proprietary technology is significant for sensitive applications (e.g. banking, finance, internal enterprise, etc.) while providing an improved user experience for the end users using them.

LaunchKey’s password-free verification system is also compatible with the growing Internet of Things, while allowing organizations to completely immunize themselves from password breaches.

In the past, an organization utilizing LaunchKey security had to require end users to authenticate on their mobile devices via the LaunchKey branded app. Today, with the release of the LaunchKey White Label SDK, any organization can now implement LaunchKey’s complete, multi-factor security solutions from within their own existing native apps, available today for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.

LaunchKey Cofounder and CEO, Geoff Sanders, shared why this white label option is so important.

“While the challenge of convincing companies to utilize a 3rd-party solution have classically been tough to overcome, LaunchKey White Label removes this hurdle with a brandable and customizable solution that lives within the mobile apps these companies are already heavily investing resources in. Not only does this fix a company's password woes, it inherently maximizes mobile app adoption by requiring users to download a company's mobile app for some of the most basic online functions like login.”

Additionally, companies can opt to do a complete password-free login where only a user name is required. The push notification goes to their mobile app where they authenticate the same way. This week, the team at LaunchKey is exhibiting at Interop 2015 at Booth #1359. You can also watch the team face off against other startups during Interop's Startup Hot Seat on Thursday, April 30.

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