A Look Back at Apple’s Most Significant Recent Events

March 25, 2016

10:55 am

Apple is a company that makes the vast majority of its profit from the annual release of the iPhone. Following the release of the iPhone 6S, the company announced it sold 13 million units in three days. But although the world’s media has become used to Apple’s fall showcase, you may not have heard of some of Apple’s other recent tech events.

This article is going to take a look at Apple’s major events over the last year or so. It just goes to show that the company has interests in a wide range of sectors that go far beyond the smartphone.

September 2014: The Apple Watch Arrives

Wearable technology has been on the market for some time. It’s come in many forms, but until the Apple Watch it had yet to really break any sort of ground. Google’s attempts failed to impress and some people started to think that it had no future.

The September 2014 event saw most people waiting for the usual announcement regarding that year’s iPhone. What they were shocked to find was the iPhone had a buddy this year. Apple unveiled the brand new Apple Watch and officially stated its intentions that it intended on dominating the wearable technology market.

This event was designed purely to give people a teaser of what was on offer. It didn’t go into all the features and left hungry Apple fans wanting more.

March 2015: Pricing for the Apple Watch

Many speculators were left upset at the lack of information regarding the Apple Watch during the grand unveiling the year before. March 2015 saw the first March event in three years. A spring showcase is relatively unheard of, with Apple last choosing 2012 to reveal the third generation of the iPad.

From a purely factual standpoint, the pricing details for the Apple Watch weren’t that interesting. It gave people an insight into how much they would have to pay and provided a benchmark for what people could expect to pay for premium wearable tech.

But it further ramped up the interest in this sector, and it appears to have paid off.

June 2015: Apple Enters Yet Another Sector

 Just after the spring showcase of the Apple Watch, the corporation made another groundbreaking announcement through stepping into the streaming music service. According to Concept Systems automation engineering, 2015 for Apple was one where it learned how to determine ROI in other sectors and then have the courage to divert profits from the iPhone to these experiments.

This was particularly interesting because Spotify has dominated music streaming for some time. Even 50 Cent’s attempt at music streaming had failed to dislodge it, despite enormous celebrity backing. The jury is still out on whether or not this subscription-based service has been a success in becoming a Spotify killer.

As part of the same event, Apple unveiled the iOS 9 operating platform.

September 2015: Apple Unveils the iPhone 6S

The Apple iPhone 6S was the big announcement of 2015. This is where Apple makes most of its money and the events are always well-attended. But this tech event was different because Apple had to contend with leaks coming out of its Chinese factories.

There were rumors swirling around the event about what the new iPhone could consist of; even more so than usual.

The event went off with the usual fanfare and Apple announced a range of new features. This event left many people criticizing the iPhone because the main upgrades were to the camera. Very little about the other features of the phone changed.

On a side note, the same event saw the Apple TV set-top box make a return in a more enhanced form.

What Can People Expect from Apple’s Future Tech Events?

Apple’s automation engineering facilities have advanced with technology and 2016 should welcome a range of tech events boasting major upgrades to Apple’s current set of products. As always, all eyes will be on the fall iPhone 7 announcement.

Most speculators agree that this could be the year where the camera becomes so powerful that it can realistically compete with DSLR cameras. This would spell a major step forward for the entire industry and cement Apple’s place as the dominant force in smartphones, finally putting an end to Samsung’s challenge.

But things have been relatively quiet this year as the company deals with the fallout from their conflict with the FBI over the implementation of a backdoor to the iPhone.

What do you think will happen with Apple this year?


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