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A Look at Blogging Industry Stats from 2016 [Infographic]

Blogging has completely changed the way content is created on the internet today. This transition towards content marketing has been primarily influenced by the growth and transformation of WordPress over the years. Thanks to the popular blogging site, anyone can download the free content management solution and start a website or blog of their own without never needing to touch a line of code or have any technical website design knowledge.

With over a billion active websites on the internet today, and more than 300 million blogs, it’s no wonder why more people are starting personal sites, hobby blogs, and even business and brand blogs to make their own little space on the internet. At the same time, blogging isn’t just about having your own space on the internet, it’s also a serious component of running a successful business or brand.

Google is now ranking websites that have original content or blogs as part of their content creation and marketing strategy more than sites that are simply static. Blogs have also transformed the way social media is used to connect others with individuals, brands, and the latest breaking world news.

In short, the world of blogging is always changing based on where the industry is headed.

Quick Takeaways and Stats from the Blogging Industry

Everyone loves a good blog, but at the end of the day it comes down to the quality of content on the site and the value it provides. A WordPress blog might start out as a simple default WP theme, but with the right care and attention, it can become so much more.

Just take a look at a few of these WordPress-driven brand websites that are representing brands worth hundreds of millions of dollars. This is a perfect example of the opportunity that lies within blogging. The platform and solution is there, you just need to put in the time and effort to make it work for you.

Check out a few of the statistics below to get a good idea what of the blogging world is doing to business around the globe:

  • 76 percent of marketers plan to produce more content through their blogs in the coming years
  • 23 percent of all time spent online is focused on social media and reading blog content related sites
  • There are currently over 6.7 million people blogging in the world today, 12 million more are blogging through social media platforms.
  • Web sites that have a blog connected to their site, see a 434 percent increase in pages getting indexed within the search results.
  • The average company that blogs through their site will see an average of 97 percent more backlinks to their site and published content.
  • Marketers who have prioritized blogging (related to content) are 13 times more likely to enjoy positive ROI.
  • By 2020, humans are predicted to manage 85 percent of their relationships without actually talking to a human.

If you want a more in-depth and visually appealing look at the blogging statistics of 2016, check out the infographic below.

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