Magisto’s AI Can Edit Your Video Automatically in Seconds

August 19, 2015

8:00 pm

When the first ever iPhone was introduced to us on June 29, 2007 we weren’t just given a new way to talk, text, and play games. Chief among the features of the phone was a new way to capture memories with a camera that far surpassed the functionality of its flip phone counterpart.

People began capturing photos and videos more than ever before, starting a trend that has grown into major social network platforms like Instagram and Vine these days. It was around that time that Dr. Oren Boiman and his wife had their first child, and they were obsessed with getting her on film as much as possible.

Everything was going swimmingly until it came time to actually take that content and make something actionable with it. That is, after a month of solid recording, Boiman needed to figure out how to edit it for friends and family to enjoy.

So, he went out and bought some video editing software thinking it would be as simple as PowerPoint – boy, was he wrong. Not only was it surprisingly primitive, as he says, but it was so choppy that it took weeks to pare down a good two and a half minutes of content he was happy to share.

“It was so time consuming that it was inconceivable,” says Boiman.

It’s a sentiment that hit very close to home because, at the time, Boiman was working alongside Dr. Alex Rav-Acha on AI scripts that could automate video editing processes by themselves. According to him, the sophistication and ease of computers editing stacked next to normal people manually editing was staggering.

That’s when the two doctors teamed up and cofounded Magisto. As they say, it might seem like magic at first, but there are really some complicated AI elements that are at play behind the scenes.

Most notably it’s packed with emotion sense technology, video and audio footage analysis, and a plethora of editing styles. Through Magisto people can eliminate the laborious hours of video editing and instead have a finished product in a few seconds, start to post-production.

“We started to teach computers to think and we launched in 2012 with some great early traction – this is something people will really appreciate,” says Boiman.

On one hand Magisto obviously makes the editing process much easier, but on the other hand Boiman wanted to open the doors for people to share their content as well. That is, for the most part people aren’t willing to share all of their videos because they’re choppy and unemotional.

Sure, there were plenty of people who said Magisto couldn’t do what it promised. However, when they were showed a finished Magisto video and a user-edited video they couldn’t tell the difference.

So, what does all this say about their AI? To me, at least, it says that it’s just as good at editing video as any of us are. Magisto is a prime example of how applying AI to our daily lives could, in fact, be incredibly fun and beneficial.

Image Credit: Flickr / Rego Korosi’s page / cropped, resized

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