This is the Dumbest Sh*t to Mail Your Friends

August 18, 2015

2:00 pm

The Internet is replete with dumb, pointless sh*t – any person young and old can and will immediately realize this upon their first taste of the World Wide Web. There are also a lot of things on the Internet that people try to pawn off as creative/great/magnificent products or services that “would totally kill, bro” (ya noe?). But we may have stumbled into one of the least-creative, dumbest things you could pay for online: Mail the Finger.


This is what you get for $15. A foam finger.

Playing off the massively popular Ship Your Enemies Glitter, Mail the Finger joins the ranks of follow-up acts (from poop to snow) and allows you to send a foamboard middle finger to whomever you wish – whether that’s your friend, an enemy, or your fiancé’s judgmental grandmother. The founders jokingly refer to it as “Finger as a Service” (FaaS…duh) and is selling each of these birds for a mere $15 each ($19 if you want to include a certificate of authenticity).

While the foamboard middle finger is admittedly a cute little novelty, who the hell would pay $15 to mail their friend one of these? When compared to all the other things people on the Internet have offered to ship through the mail, a cartoon middle finger printed on foamboard is probably the last thing I would choose. Now, if it had been real middle fingers, that would be a different story, but it’s not. It’s foam fingers. I would buy this for myself as decor for a dream board or whatever (except I wouldn’t because, well, $15).

According to Shane Lee, one of the cofounders of Mail the Finger, the idea for the service was a result of stumbling into this market for gag gifts:

“It’s basically just one giant gag. My friends and I are fresh law graduates who’re extremely interested in technology. One of us got an anonymous ‘present’ in the mail – a bag of gummy dicks – and we thought it was hilarious. From there, we discovered there was an entire world of these gag gifts – glitter, poop, goat text messages, etc. – and we thought they were all pretty fun gifts/pranks. Then, we all sort of started thinking about what would make an awesome gag gift, something in the same vein as the others, but hadn’t been flogged half to death yet. The result was Mail the Finger.”

Apparently, Lee and his cofounders have been in law school their entire lives and have never once stepped inside a Spencer’s. Or maybe torts killed their creativity. Who knows? Whatever. If you’re into it, then check out Mail the Finger.

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