How to Make Employee Fitness Social With FitBliss

March 12, 2015

5:00 pm

John is a top-performing employee. He gets to work on time, stays late when he needs to, and sees detailed projects through to the end. But with his attention focused on work, he has little time to worry about his health and fitness.

He often feels stressed, has a hard time sleeping, and lacks the motivation to actually use the gym membership he pays for each month.

You probably know a few employees like John — every employer does. As healthcare costs take a bigger toll on companies, promoting employee health is more important than ever. FitBliss, an employee fitness network, uses the power of mobile and social sharing to motivate employees to take control of their health.

How FitBliss works

FitBliss allows employers to help keep their employees healthy by promoting sustainable lifestyles through a connected social a platform. Employers can create, share, and track fitness routines and challenges with their employees.

For employers: Employers can view the progress of their employees and see which strategies work and which don’t when it comes to fitness motivation. The platform is designed to draw on and give existing company culture a boost.

For employees: FitBliss helps motivate employees to reach their health goals by tracking their progress on their dashboard. Employees can also share fitness updates with their teammates, find workout buddies and co-workers who enjoy the same fitness activities, and create and compete in challenges.

Pros of FitBliss:

  • Promotes health in a fun and engaging way.
  • Mobile apps available for iOS and Android.
  • Can integrate with Fitbit trackers.
  • Sends email and mobile notifications and reminders.

Cons of FitBliss:


  • Employers can request a demo of the program, but will need to contact the company for pricing details.


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