It’s Time to Make your Restaurant more Efficient

February 28, 2015

10:00 am

Engaging with customers has always been top priority for restaurants, but today it can be made even easier with advanced technology. Restaurants that are not utilizing the newest technology to make service efficient, customers happy, and resolutions simple are missing out on a large piece of the market. Customers can always move along to the next restaurant; you are not providing a unique service that cannot be replaced, so you need to do everything possible to keep those customers happy. Waitlist Me is an app that manages reservations and customer relationships.

Managing the Wait List

No one likes to wait, but it is a fact of life at most restaurants. What if you could make your wait list more manageable? If you had the ability to contact your guests when their table was ready right on their cell phone or a way to let them know that their reservation is confirmed they would likely frequent your establishment. Guests love feeling confident that they will get a seat at your restaurant within a reasonable amount of time and that their accommodations will be met. What about guests with allergies, certain likes/dislikes or a favorite seat? These situations can all be handled on Waitlist Me which helps to inform your staff (everyone, not just the hostess) about the specifications for each guest; this equals optimal customer service as the chance of every need getting met will be much greater.

On-Site Surveys

No one wants to have unhappy customers, but it is a nature of the beast. Everything is not going to go perfect every single day. Those days that unfortunate things do happen – if the guest’s dinner got burned, a ticket got overlooked or a salad was spilled on the guest’s lap, you want to know about it. Of course, the major things will spread like wildfire through the kitchen and reach your ears in 2 seconds flat, but other little things might go unnoticed by you. The unfortunate fact is they never go overlooked by the guest. They are likely to want to share their negative experience, and not just by word-of-mouth, but on their social media site for the world to see. Now your reputation is ruined not just with that guest but with possibly hundreds of others. What if you could know about these little issues before your guest leaves your premises? You would have the ability to know about everything that goes on right then and there – having the chance to make things right before the need to spread the negative word ever arises. Having a smiling, happy guest is a much better way for them to leave, rather than upset and ready to make it known.

Table Tracking Technology

Today, guests want good food, but they want it fast. Gone are the days of the leisurely lunch – they want to get in and out, but they want quality food. One way to do this is with mobile technology that enables you to keep everyone throughout the restaurant informed on everything that is going on. Use your staff more efficiently by informing them without a doubt of the location the food that is to be delivered belongs on; or let the kitchen staff always be informed about food that is taking longer than the acceptable wait times. When everyone is on the same page, through the use of mobile technology, the staff’s time is put to better use, food gets where it needs to be on time, and management is able to take control of any situations that might be occurring right then and there. Higher efficiency means higher profits; no one is going to argue with that.

Restaurant owners today need to embrace the technology made available to them. Without the use of mobile technology, such as a restaurant wait list app, on-site surveys, or table tracking, your restaurant could be losing valuable guests by the droves. Today’s world is technologically advanced and guests notice when this is not being utilized. When service times are slow, waiters are unaware of a regular guest’s needs, and food gets misplaced, guests are going to get upset and move onto the restaurant down the street. Unless you own a restaurant with food that cannot be found anywhere else, chances are that you are replaceable in the eyes of the consumer – it is time to harness what is yours by embracing today’s technology to make your business more efficient.


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