Mammoth is a Dynamic Communication Tool Born of Frustration

February 21, 2015

10:00 am

What if one day all of your communication could be centralized?

Karan Gupta, Amit Narayanan, and Ashish Krishna are the founders of Mammoth, a communication and publishing tool for groups. The Mammoth mission is to centralize communication. Gupta and Krishna have been friends for over 18 years. Gupta and Narayanan met at Sony PlayStation 7 years ago. The founders are code heavy, user experience freaks from PlayStation and Microsoft.

The idea for Mammoth came from Gupta during a project when he realized that all his ideas, conversations, and research was getting scattered through emails, chats, bookmarks, Evernote, Dropbox, Google Drive, and such services. Krishna found that he had similar frustrations while working on his own projects.

After multiple iterations Mammoth released a private beta in April 2014, to help people research, organize content & finish projects collaboratively.

Teams use Mammoth the following ways:

  • Team of product managers, designers, etc are using it for product development.
  • Branding and research agencies are using Mammoth for collaborative research.
  • BioTech companies are using it to execute their long running medical research.
  • Students are using it for their group class projects in universities and colleges.
  • Prosumers are using it at home as a productivity tool for planning weddings, house research, planning parties, personal research/curation.

The Mammoth founders refused to build a product based on assumptions. They have spoken with more than 600 users to validate their idea. Their motto was to “Build, Iterate, and Learn”.

So far 5000 users have signed up for the service with an active user base of 3000. Using Mammoth is free. There will be a premium version that is predicted to cost $50/user/year. Currently, the company is pre-revenue. The most effective customer acquisition channels that the team at Mammoth is using are referrals and content marketing. The challenges, however, that this team is finding in running a startup include talent acquisition and attracting additional investors.

The goal for the next 6 – 12 months? Simplify the user experience. Check out Mammoth on Twitter.

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