Here’s How to Master Machine Learning and Boost Your Career

September 18, 2017

10:50 am

Machine learning is considered one of the highest paying tech skills in the country. For the average machine learning engineer position, you’re looking at a salary of over $120,000 according to Glassdoor. While people might think this skill set is tough to crack, through The Complete Machine Learning Bundle course, anyone can learn machine learning skills.

These courses provide first principles guide to machine learning. You’ll begin by building a foundation with basic statistics and data science, and learn how to recognize the difference between different machine learning problems and build systems to solve problems. By the end you will also be able to dig deeper into augmented reality.

As part of this bundle you’ll receive 10 courses consisting of 406 lessons and 63.5 hours of training in machine learning all for an affordable price and learn:

Quant Trading Using Machine Learning

This course will introduce you to machine learning, while teaching you how to apply these techniques to quantitative trading.

Statistics and Data Science in R

Here you'll get a thorough run-through of how R works and how it's applied to data science. Before you know it, you'll be crunching numbers like a pro, and be better qualified for many lucrative careers.

Hadoop & MapReduce for Big Data Problems

Through this course you'll learn how to process and manage enormous amounts of data efficiently.

Java Object-Oriented Programming & Design

This short course will help you conquer a language that powers everything from online games to chat platforms.

An Introduction to Machine Learning & NLP in Python

This course will help you put machine learning and python to work.

Twitter Sentiment Analysis (in Python)

Learn real examples why Sentiment Analysis is important and how to approach specific problems using Sentiment Analysis.

Decision Trees and Random Forests

Learn these techniques by exploring a famous (but morbid) machine learning problem: predicting the survival of a passenger on the Titanic.

An Introduction To Deep Learning & Computer Vision

This course brings you into the complex, abstract world of Computer Vision and artificial neural networks.

Recommendation Systems

Here you'll learn how to build a variety of these systems using Python, and be well on your way to a high-paying career.

From 0 to 1: Learn Python Programming

Here you'll learn to write clean, efficient Python code, learning to expedite your workflow by automating manual work, implementing machine learning techniques, and much more.

Through The Complete Machine Learning Bundle, you’ll have lifetime access to these lessons and be able to review skills at your convenience.

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