Maximizing Your Self-Promotion Marketing Activities

October 2, 2015

9:00 pm

One of the many challenges faced by today’s online marketers is the need to effectively do self-promotion marketing activities. Self-help gurus and online marketing experts all agree that the newbie’s relative lack of patience and decreased levels of motivation to learn are just two of the reason why they fail in self-promotion activities.

Self-Promotion Marketing?

In today’s marketing industry, there is a growing trend towards the use of inbound marketing activities from the more conventional outbound marketing. In outbound, the marketer actively seeks his clients even to the point of shoving his products and services right up their noses. Inbound marketing is the opposite. Of course, there are still marketing activities but in an entirely new way.

Inbound marketing are activities that marketers do to attract the correct or ideal buyers into their business. This means that you have to create awareness among your potential customers so that they will come looking for you. This is the basic premise of inbound marketing.

Since you have to create awareness among potential customers that you exist, then you need to promote yourself and your business without selling them anything. Self-promotion marketing thus requires you to be very clear about:

  • Who you want to serve
  • What you want to serve them
  • How you want this service to be delivered
  • Why you want this service to be delivered to this specific group of people

Building Trust and Credibility

Before you can even begin self-promotion activities, you need to be able to identify your ideal client. You need to know why they will be buying the products or services that you are offering. You need to communicate with them and establish trust and credibility over time.

Building your credibility does not happen overnight, unfortunately. It takes patience, perseverance, and tons of effort on your part to consistently observe basic credibility-building strategies.

  • Look professional in all of your business dealings which include your profile picture, the look and design of your website, even to the design of your business card.
  • Improve on your likeability by being friendly, empathic, a real person, and most of all, relevant to your potential customers.
  • Offer them something that is valuable without selling them anything about your business. Listen to what they are saying and do something about those that you can.

You have to do this over and over until you have gained their trust and you have built your credibility. You then need to nurture this.

Activities to Maximize your Self-Promotion Marketing

There are many ways to maximize your self-promotion marketing. For the online marketer of today, the following are deemed important.

  • Websites – your very own professionally-looking website is a sure way to maximize your self-promotion marketing. Although there are plenty of free web hosting applications on the internet, it is best if you have your own domain name and dedicated web hosting. You can search on different web hosting reviews to get a shortlist of the best web hosting company for you.
  • Networking – whether you like it or not, despite the ‘networking’ term having a bad rep in the past few years, you need to have a network of contacts. It does not need to be large. You can start with your friends on social media network sites. Try to introduce a friend to another friend in your network who may not know each other personally. You can share your passion with them. Let this be the foundation of your network.
  • Referral system – you do not need a thousand or so referrals each time. What you need to understand is to just focus on what is realistically manageable. Start with a group of five people who will refer to you at least once a day. In time, this will eventually grow.
  • Direct outreach – you will need to reach out to your potential customers. They are the ones in the subway, on the bus, inside your favorite coffee shop, and virtually anywhere. You have to get out of your shell and reach out to them. But remember, do not sell anything.
  • Keep in touch with your clients – do not fall into the trap of neglecting your customers just because they are already your customers. You need to understand that their needs change as well as their priorities. It is your job to make very relevant and up-to-date content on your website so that it takes on a more personal meaning for your customers. This is why a website with dedicated web-hosting is simply much more effective.
  • Writing – you have to write relevant and up-to-date content for your website so that customers will keep on coming back, making them feel that they are important.

These are just some ways to maximize your self-promotion activities. The thing to remember is that you are driving customers to your business through your website. By showing that you can be trusted and that you are credible, your customer base will definitely grow, slowly but surely.


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