Innovative Tips & Tricks for Measuring the Success of Mobile Apps

July 5, 2015

8:00 am

How do you know if your app has been successful? For most app entrepreneurs, the challenge is measuring the app success and tinkering with the app marketing strategies to get improved results. There are 5 key ways with which you can measure the success of your mobile apps. Here they are:

1. Acquisition Metrics
This metric is used to measure the amount of downloads that the app is getting. It is important to have a large number of downloads. In addition to the number of downloads, the acquisition metrics also features the “Discovery” method, i.e. it is important to understand where the users are discovering the application. It will help you to focus on marketing in a better way.

2. Engagement Metrics
The 4 parts that this metric is divided into are Active users, Session length, Goals completed, and User Loyalty. An active user is generally the one who has used for more than 5 times. Session length refers to the amount of time that the user has spent with the app. You also need to measure whether or not your app has achieved the goals specified and the user loyalty that it has earned.

3. Retention Metrics
It is a very important metric in measuring the app’s popularity and includes two sub-metrics i.e. Life Time Value (LTV) and Retention Rate. The latter is measured in percentage terms and refers to the amount of users that your app has been able to retain over a period of time. An app with a high retention rate will also have a high average LTV because the users of the app are long lasting.

4. Quality Metrics
It calculates the quality of the app using the factors of automatic crash report, manual user feedback and app store reviews. When the app crashes, the issue should automatically be emailed to the developer. Also, the user should have an option of giving manual feedback and finally, app store is the most important place where you must get positive reviews for your app.

5. Behavior Metrics
You also need to measure the user behavior in general, i.e. by the devices and locations he operates from, the usage-time and frequency that he operates for, and finally the usage actions related to your app.

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