Meater Helps you Get a Perfect Steak, Every Time

October 20, 2015

5:00 pm

If you’ve got even a modicum of grilling experience under your belt, then you know it only takes a few moments of inattention to totally ruin a good cut of meat. In my opinion, one of the best tools you can have aside from experience is a meat thermometer.

The problem is that they're unwieldy sometimes and don't give the most accurate read out depending on what model you buy. It's why Apption Labs  recently launched their version of the modern meat thermometer, Meater, onto Kickstarter.

Meater is a fully wireless, smart thermometer that connects directly with a native iOS or Android app across all your devices. Simply open the Meater app, select the target cook, place the probe in the meat, and get cooking: when your food reaches the correct internal temperature, you’ll receive a notification on your device.

The construction of Meater's thermometer hardware itself has been designed to withstand the highest internal meat temperatures. Regardless, it was built with a fail safe to provide a warning to the user should the meat begin to approach its limit.


Further, Meater has an ambient sensor located on the opposite end of the thermometer probe that allows users to monitor the ambient temperature around the food. This works well for smoking meats or long BBQ roasts because both of these situations demand strict attention be paid to the external temperature of the environment, not the internal meat temperature.

Everything Apption Labs built fits neatly into the Meater Block, a piece of actual wood that both stores and chargers up to four Meater probes at once. The block also has a built in display so you don't actually need to use your own mobile devices while cooking: you could say it's a solid fusion of modern aesthetic design with a heavy dose of technology embedded.



“The cost of Meater and two store bought steaks is less than the cost of one visit to a high-end steak house,” says Joseph Cruz, President at Apption Labs. “Once you own Meater, you can enjoy a restaurant quality meal at home, at the fraction of the cost.”

While the crew was only looking to fund Meater to the $100,000 mark, they're standing on the brink of $1 million in total backer-funding at this point. That's going to go a long way towards helping the team with the production tooling, their pilot run, production run, and the ultimate delivery to backers in January 2016.

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