The Meizu EP2X Earphones Have Some Seriously Powerful Hardware

November 14, 2016

4:30 pm

Some years ago, earphones were exclusively used for music, with devices like the Walkman, portable CD players and, MP3 players leading the charge. They were very simple, both in design and hardware, just barely fulfilling their purpose (remember the battery saving mode in CD players? Barbaric). Nowadays, though, as devices improve, earphones improve along with them, and they feature an amazing quality in order to deliver the best possible experience.

Meizu is a Chinese consumer electronics brand, mostly known for its smartphones. However, it actually started off as a manufacturer of MP3 players, so it's safe to say they know their way around audio – just like one of their newest products shows. The company's latest product, the EP2X, is a continuation of that legacy.

The EP2X earphones are designed with curved lines, so that they fit our ears perfectly and deliver sound into the ear canal without any loss. They also feature a special ridge line, which gives them a soft touch, while maintaining the necessary rigidity. Their tail pipe provides the overall necessary comfort and fit to the ear and skin, so that wearing them is almost completely unnoticeable.

Coming from a company with decades of experience in sound hardware, one would expect the EP2X to provide superior sound quality, and fortunately, they really do. These earphones deliver a unique acoustic design to obtain a sound reproduction as true as possible, featuring speaker diaphragms built from Japanese-made micro paper fiber.


The edge diaphragm is made of high compliant TPU material, and the unique free-edge design helps to reduce distortions and enhance the bass, for a deeper and booming sound – something that is also enhanced by the Neodymium magnet and tri-band equalization, which contribute to an exquisite treble as well. EP2X has an impedance of only 32Ω and a sensitivity of 105dB.

The design lines of the EP2X earphones also flows into the cable, which is made with highly elastic Kevlar fiber filaments and TPE materials. This makes it super pull resistant and easy to extend and retract. In addition, due to its incredible flexibility, tangling is a problem that should not happen much.

With all these positive features, the EP2X seem to be a great and inexpensive alternative to other high-end options, such as the buzzing Apple EarPods. They are set to retail for 129¥, which converts to less than $20.


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