Microsoft Offers Businesses Custom ChatGPT Solutions

The news will be welcomed by the thousands of businesses already exploring how AI can help them in the workplace.

Microsoft has revealed it is going to help businesses build their own, customized versions of ChatGPT using the technology provided by OpenAI.

The news comes shortly after the company made Microsoft Teams Premium, which utilizes ChatGPT to take meeting notes during conference calls, generally available to businesses.

Microsoft hopes that corporations, as well as other organizations like government departments and schools, will soon have their chatbots specifically tailored towards their respective needs.

Custom ChatGPT for Businesses Incoming

According to CNBC, Microsoft is preparing to launch technology that will allow businesses and other organizations to build their own, custom versions of ChatGPT, using the technology developed by OpenAI as a base to build on.

Businesses will reportedly have the opportunity to remove both Microsoft and OpenAI company branding from their chatbot, as well as create customized messages that will appear before staff members initiate conversations.

At present, ChatGPT can’t formulate cogent answers relating to events that have happened since 2021, due to the information the bot has been trained on.

However, Microsoft plans for these custom chatbots for businesses to be able to process up-to-date information; companies will be able to refine the character of their chatbot by inputting data over time.

OpenAI Hits the Bigtime

Since it burst onto the scene just a couple of months ago, ChatGPT has already become a household name, reaching 100 million active users in the time since its release.

The site is regularly at capacity as both companies and individuals continue to experiment with the technology, which is currently available for free.

However, the average discussion with ChatGPT costs startup OpenAI a few cents, CEO Sam Altman revealed in December – so the company will have spent millions of dollars already providing the service to users.

While Microsoft understands the importance of keeping this kind of technology accessible to all, running the world’s most powerful AI chatbot isn’t exactly cheap – so unsurprising that the company is exploring ways to capitalize financially on the software’s business potential.

Google is Innovating, but Playing Catch Up

Microsoft isn’t the only big tech company with a stake in the AI game – Google, for instance, recently announced it is developing its very own rival to ChatGPT called Bard.

Bard is currently in private beta mode, but it’s thought that a public release is just weeks away. Whether Bard will be powerful enough to compete with ChatGPT, however, is unclear at present.

Microsoft does seem one step ahead of the game in this regard. The release of AI-generated notes for Microsoft Teams conference calls, and more recently Bing with ChatGPT built in, has put the company at the forefront of this new frontier of discovery.

Under pressure from the likes of Google, Microsoft will want to continue to lead the way as the business world continues to devote more and more of its attention to artificial intelligence.

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