Millennials Are Stressing More Than Ever

July 6, 2017

12:20 pm

Wake up, work at full speed, stress out, veg in front of Netflix, crash in bed, try to shut off brain, repeat. For many millennials, this is their daily cycle of stress and it’s slowly causing damage to one’s health. Scientists, doctors, friends, even your mom, will tell you that the amount of stress you’re placing on your mind and body is way too much and will eventually effect your quality of life and health.

In a survey by the American Psychological Association, results show that stress levels are increasing in the US and are more predominant in the younger generations.

“Since 2007, the survey has found that money and work are the top two sources of very or somewhat significant stress,” and younger generations are reporting that it’s harder than ever to manage the amount of stress they deal with on a regular basis.

Millennials Are Stressin’

Breaking down the generations, Millennials are at the top for the highest reported stress levels since 2012 with Gen Xers coming in at a close third, then Boomers and Matures.

Millennials, stress

American Psychological Association

Millennials (82 percent) report that the main source of stress is money and 79 percent of those surveyed reported that work is the main root of the source of stress, more so than Gen Xers.

How Millennials Cope With Stress

Every health professional will tell you that exercise and a good diet can help you get through cycles of stress and lead to a longer and healthier life. For the average Millennial, their coping mechanisms are more sedentary versus active, including listening to music (57 percent), going online (48 percent), eating (37 percent) and video games (27 percent).

In the same survey, one in four Millennials admitted that “they do not feel they are doing enough to manage their stress” compared to other generations.

American Psychological Association

The fact is that people, especially young people, are stressing more than ever and the current stress management coping skills are leading to a sedentary lifestyle and ultimately long-term health problems. For those Millennials that head for the couch to deal with stress, it might be time to find healthier solution other than a bag of Doritos and Netflix.

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