Neo: Tracking Your Health in the Smart Kitchen

February 18, 2015

9:00 pm

It stands to reason that as the Internet of Things and the smart home trends continue to grow in popularity so too will new products spring up to fit into the market. SKE Labs today launched their Indiegogo campaign that seeks to fund an early device that fits into the smart home, a ‘smart container’, called Neo.


Neo was built with Bluetooth connectivity and ultra-responsive sensors that collect and send data to the cloud, tracking its own contents and how it affects your health. When you’re running low on supplies, the smart container will even shop for replacement ingredients.

“The proliferation of fitness and wellness applications is irrefutable proof that people seek statistical information about their bodies, activity levels, metabolic rates, and ways to reach their health and athletic goals,” says founder Madhuri Eunni. “However, it’s just as important to track personal intake as it is to keep tabs on your body’s output.”

There are existing digital nutritional databases and food diaries that provide a rough estimate of consumer macronutrient consumption, but they’re widely considered primitive and limited in their scalability. That is, these current platforms can’t interact with food directly and thus have a limited function in the ‘smart kitchens’ of the future.

“A truly smart kitchen isn’t simply a network of applications; it is part of the Internet of things – refrigerators, dishwashers, and ovens – all cloud-connected, intelligent, and intuitive with respect to consumers’ individual culinary/nutritional habits and needs,” says Eunni. “At the atomic level, smart kitchens will rely on an ecosystem of smart food storage containers that quantify nutritional information, portion sizes, and food freshness.”

As they embark upon their Indiegogo campaign, the Neo team is looking for $50,000 in total funding. Should the trend hold, they’ll absolutely hit that goal; they’re already at $10,109 – 20 percent of their goal – and it’s only day one.

Neo preorders are available for the first time through Indiegogo campaign. All of the funding will be directed towards finalizing app development and manufacturing units ready to ship in November and December 2015.





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