Top Netflix Hacks to Streamline Your Streaming

June 14, 2016

9:08 pm

We all love to cuddle back on the cozy bed or lounge with the screen and check out a film streaming from Netflix. It's difficult to imagine our lives without Netflix these days, given the unlimited movies and programs waiting at our fingertips. The ever-growing vault of contents is spoiling us with its huge selection.

But, somewhere down the line, all of us hate it when it comes to experience. It’s tedious to navigate for a particular movie that's on our mind. And the movies keep vanishing from the list before we watch them.

You have already spent hours flipping through options. Did it ever feel like you can never find the movies you are looking for? Read on. These Netflix hacks will ensure high-quality feeds on your screen and great suggestions for your preferred programs and movies.

Learn Keyboard Shortcuts

Get to know the shortcuts on a keyboard to make your Netflix session smoother. Here's a list:

F for full screen

M for mute

Up arrow for increasing volume

Down arrow for decreasing volume

Spacebar for pause/play

Shift + Left arrow for rewind

Shift + Right arrow for fast forward

Esc for exiting full screen

Stream Movies in High Definition

Want to enjoy all your favorite movies and TV series on high-definition? Don’t watch in Chrome. You might not be able to stream Netflix in full HD (1080p) depending upon your browser. It is advised to stream in HD if you have an internet connection that supports 5 megabits per second or even more. Have a look at the list below from the support page of Netflix for more info:

Google Chrome –  720p

Mozilla Firefox –  720p

Opera – 720p

Internet Explorer – 1080p

Microsoft Edge – 1080p

Safari – 1080p

Enjoy Your Favorite Flicks While Working

Do you finish homework or check email better with a TV show in the background? Good thing you're reading about Netflix hacks, then: Download Helium, a floating transparent browser that runs behind your work area. You won't need to resize the windows, as it will not interfere with your screen real estate.

Never Miss the Ratings and Trailers Before Streaming

Download Netflix Enhancement suite, a bundle of add-ons for chrome to enliven your experience for free. Now you can get to know the IMDb ratings, pop-up ratings, ratings submitted by users, trailers and critics ratings from Metacritic and Rotten Tomatoes. You can see these ratings when you hover on the title of the movie on the search page. Pick out a flick based on the ratings and trailers.

Narrow Your Search

We all know it is difficult to search for your favorite movie from a huge list. Narrow down your search based on your specific choices by entering the genre, director’s name, particular actors or even any keyword with Flix roulette. This app lets you search your flicks based on your choice and your search behavior. Uncover the all new Netflix content that fits your taste.

Apart from these tips, always keep your system protected and free from virus attacks for a smooth session. Start experimenting with these Netflix hacks and we are sure that your Netflix stints will never be the same again.

Image: Flickr / Avijeet


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