13 NeuroTech Companies That Want to Read Your Brain

A mind is a terrible thing to waste. At least, that appears to be the case, as hundreds of neurotech startups have begun popping up all over the professional ecosystem. From unique wearables to innovative software, these companies are making it easy to read your mind, save your skull, and general promote brain health throughout the world.

If you’re interested in taking a look at what these companies are up to, read their wildly interesting, albeit a tad science-y, descriptions below and make sure to click on their websites, as they’re filled with more neurological jargon and awesome pictures of their revolutionary tech:


BrainCo specializes in mind-machine interface wearables. The company currently develops three products, the Focus EDU, the Focus Family and the Lucy Series. Focus EDU is the world’s first integrated classroom system that improves education outcomes through real-time attention level reports. Focus FAMILY is a wearable device that can monitor, visualize and analyze brainwaves. It draws inspiration and techniques from neuro-feedback training. LUCY is a Brain-Machine Interface(BMI) wearable that can detect your brain signal and allows you to directly control electronic devices (including toys, smart home appliances and robotic devices).


This company has created a wearable that can provide an accurate, reliable, objective assessment of concussion. It uses established technology to actually measure the brain’s normal electrical activity and tells us when it is abnormal. Research shows that this EEG changes distinctly in concussion patients, making this tech vital in diagnosis. 

Flow Neuroscience

Flow Neuroscience uses brain stimulation to treat depression. The company has developed a headset that delivers transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) to the forehead. Their treatment program combines technology with simple behavior changes to transform the way people deal with clinical depression without any medication. They provide access to tDCS therapy — the latest breakthrough in brain stimulation technology.


G-Therapeutics, based in Switzerland, is developing a therapy combining a spinal cord implant with gravity-assisted training. We aim to accelerate and augment functional recovery of people with spinal cord injury, and to improve their quality of life.

Halo Neuroscience

Halo Neuroscience, based in San Francisco, has developed a brain-stimulating device called the Halo Sport. Halo Sport is the first-ever headset that stimulates the part of your brain responsible for muscle movement. This accelerates training improvements in strength, endurance, and skill.


Kernel is an early-stage brain-machine interface company aimed at developing technologies to understand and treat neurological diseases in new and exciting ways. Then, they interpret the brain’s complex workings in order to create applications towards cognitive enhancement.



Neurable builds brain-computer interfaces for next-generation computing platforms The software makes use of machine learning methods in order to reduce the lag time between analysis of neural activity and output, potentially reducing it down to real-time. The company is initially targeting the AR/VR gaming industry.


Neuralink, the secretive brain child of electric car, solar power, and space pioneer Elon Musk, is developing ultra high bandwidth brain-machine interfaces to connect humans and computers with a diverse team of engineers from all over the world.

Q30 Innovations

This company created the Q-Collar, a band-like flexible neck collar that scientists hope will reduce the phenomenon known as “brain slosh”–the impact of the brain against the inner skull, which is believed to be one of the inciting factors in the development of concussions. By lightly clamping down on a person’s jugular veins, the collar causes the brain to swell and fit more snugly within the skull.


Rythm is a neurotechnology startup that has developed a sleep-monitoring head-mounted, wearable called the Dreem. The device uses EEG electrodes to monitor and analyze brain activity during the course of sleep. It then uses “bone conduction technology” to modulate brain activity via emitting subtle sounds at precise moments that enhance the overall quality of deep sleep.


Synchron is a neural interface company that is developing the STENTRODE, the world’s first endovascular electrode array, a minimally invasive implantable device designed to interpret signals from the brain. The STENTRODE may ultimately help diagnose and treat a range of brain pathologies, such as paralysis, epilepsy and movement disorders.


SyncThink created the EYE-SYNC the first and only complete platform for assessment, recovery, and management of brain injuries. The unique wearable is transforming the way medical professionals assess for concussion and monitor ongoing brain performance.


Thync has developed the first consumer health solution for lowering stress and anxiety, a small, wearable pod that attaches to the back of the neck and uses neurostimulation to combat stress and promote better sleep. Their lead product, the Thync Relax Pro, uses low levels of electrical stimulation to activate nerve pathways in the head and neck.

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