NordVPN Rolls Out WireGuard Protocol on All Apps

NordVPN's new Nordlynx technology could offer unprecedented speed and security, setting a new standard for VPNs.

One of the world’s most popular VPNs on the market is getting a serious upgrade. NordVPN has announced the roll out of a new technology using the Wireguard protocol, which is set to improve speed and security substantially.

NordVPN are the first VPN provider to implement the Wireguard protocol at this scale, and consider it to be “the future industry standard”.

With security threats more prevalent than ever, and VPN usage on the rise due to the coronavirus pandemic, the update couldn’t come at a better time.

NordVPN Announces NordLynx with WireGuard Protocol

Today, NordVPN has officially announced that all of its apps will include NordLynx technology, which is built on the WireGuard protocol. As NordVPN points out, WireGuard is significantly faster than standard VPN protocol like OpenVPN and IPSec, giving users some serious speed when it comes to browsing safely online. And according to, Daniel Markuson, a digital privacy expert at NordVPN:

“WireGuard is a relatively simple yet extremely fast and modern open-source protocol that we are very excited to adopt. We believe that due to its promising capabilities, WireGuard might become a new standard in VPN technology.”

WireGuard isn’t the only addition that NordVPN is excited about. NordLynx also features NordVPN’s custom double Network Address Translation (NAT) system, which allows users access to VPN functionality without storing any personal information on a server. This is a hugely important aspect of the new technology, as it adds a layer of protection on top of the speed provided by WireGuard.

Why the Upgrade from NordVPN?

Simply put, WireGuard makes NordVPN even better than it already is. The NordLynx update will allow users to surf the web without fear of nefarious hackers accessing their personal information or tracking their movements, and without compromising on speed. As Markuson puts it:

“Speed is the true reason why we are really excited to launch NordLynx.”

While the timing may be coincidental, the launch of this new protocol during the coronavirus pandemic couldn’t be more perfect. VPN usage has been soaring over the last month, thanks in part to remote work policies popping up in every industry that can muster it. In fact, the popular provider said that its VPN usage has increased by 165% since mid-March, which makes this improvement to security and speed just in time.

Online Safety with VPNs

VPN usage isn’t only increasing because of remote working policies during this pandemic. Generally speaking, online safety has become a more pressing issue for many in recent years, with security breaches and hacks becoming a standard aspect of digital life. VPNs provide a more secure avenue to the worldwide web, and they have a lot of helpful uses in day-to-day life too.

If you’re interested in trying out a VPN for yourself, we can’t recommend NordVPN highly enough. It’s a fast, powerful option in a market filled with respectable options. Just check out our in-depth VPN rankings to get a better idea of what you’re working with when it comes to VPNs.

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