Novlr: Your Cloud Novel Writing Companion

September 25, 2014

12:08 pm

I recently caught up with Novlr creators Thomas Muirhead and Kimberley Pryor to discuss their new cloud writing software dubbed Novlr. Novlr was first conceived in November of last year after many ill-fated attempts at novel-writing using other mediums such as Microsoft Word and Google Docs. It is being developed by both Thomas and Kim with the occasional help of outside developers as the need arises including noted developer Naomi Atkinson.

After inviting people to test out the service, they received a copious amount of positive feedback. They decided to launch a Kickstarter campaign in hopes of crowdfunding Novlr, which will enable them to make Novlr shine, as well as add the most requested features in more quickly. In its currently iteration, Novlr only supports the most basic of features, such as chapter creation, word counting (per novel and per chapter), as well as automatically backing up your work into the cloud so you will never lose your data and you can pick up from any device from anywhere.

The most requested features include character profiles, offline editing, more than one novel per user account, and the ability to export your work. These features will be released as soon as possible after the Kickstarter funding finishes up, and regardless of if they are successful with their crowdfunding campaign Novlr will still go on. However it may take slightly longer to carry out these features without the funding. Throughout this period Novlr will remain free of charge it its beta form until they are able to release a more fully featured version of their software, at this point users will be offered a one month free trial and the cost of Novlr will be set at €5 ($6.43 USD as of this writing).

I found the service to very responsive and minimal, very easy to navigate and I must point out that most fonts within the menu items and modules are large which should ease the use for those who have visual impairments. Below you can see from the screenshot the current layout of Novlr which features a large clean text area, chapter list on the left hand side that slides in and out by clicking the title of the novel in the top bar, and a word count in the bottom right.

Novlr = Novlr Startup


This may sound very familiar to my recent review of BlankPage by Jesper Bylund however this would be more of a souped up cousin than a direct competitor as Novlr promises a more enriched novel writing experience. You can find more about Novlr on their Kickstarter page which includes many helpful videos as well as reach out to them via their Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ accounts.

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