Oco Home Surveillance Challenges Dropcam and Other Existing Systems

February 21, 2015

10:00 am

People are becoming more concerned about their safety, with the safety of their homes being a great priority. This results in a growth in terms of the home surveillance solutions available in the market, where Nest and Dropcam dominate but are seeing a more recent competitor, Oco.

I have previously mentioned all these three services, but today I will be focusing on Oco. This is a great home monitoring system that allows homeowners to record what goes on inside their home or small business, with live-streaming to the cloud. With this, monitoring children, pets, or even elders who stay at home is easy, especially with the very useful two-way audio feature.

Having its own cloud, Oco offers an improved security – something that is very important, considering how easy it is to hack into most home cameras, as this Russian site proves. With its video-to-cloud technology, Oco’s camera transmits the video feed to the user, also allowing the access to archived footage.

The feed from Oco’s camera can be accessed from afar. This is a feature that relies on a mobile app, available both for iOS and Android (highly rated on their respective app stores, with evaluations of 4.5/5 and 4.6/5), where the user can receive notifications if the Oco camera detects any movement or noises when it is not supposed to (if the detecting functionality is on).

The camera can be moved around, which means that there is no need for it to be bound to a single location. Other interesting features are the two-way audio, improved night vision, a 120 degree view angle, motion and sound detection, and smart bandwidth consumption.

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