Modernizing the PDF With an API and an SDK

March 31, 2015

11:00 am

For the past 22 years, the PDF has been the predominant solution used for document delivery. But despite its widespread adoption, it has been extremely cumbersome for developers to extract and put PDF data to meaningful use within their applications: formatting, extracting, and assembling PDFs requires developers to sift through over 800 pages of specs – yuck.

To help these ailing developers, PandaDoc recently released their API and JavaScript SDK to provide developers the opportunity to integrate beautiful, interactive documents into their software solutions. It effectively merges cloud-based document templates with data all while delivering interactive, actionable, HTML5 documents.

According to the team though, that’s only half the battle as delivering PDF documents to end-users is also problematic as most email platforms require documents to be smaller than 25MB. It lands a lot of emails with PDF attachments in the spam folder, and opening these on a mobile device requires additional software.

“The PDF was just not made for the cloud era,” says Mikita Mikado, cofounder and CEO of PandaDoc. “Companies have massive amounts of PDF documents that give them no feedback and lots of grief. Developers can integrate our solution into their software to generate truly dynamic and interactive documents that could be filled-in and signed electronically.”

PandaDoc enters the picture to make things easier by offering a widely supported HMTL5 based solution that can be implemented into their SaaS projects. As a result, SaaS companies can transform document generation from start to finish – creation, management, delivery, tracking, and eSignature.

They’ve seen some great traction already as companies like TaskRabbit have implemented PandaDoc’s API and JavaScript SDK. The team has also partnered and integrated with SalesForce.

Ultimately, the end goal for PandaDoc is to provide a powerful foundation to optimize document and e-signature workflows across organizations benefiting Sales, Finance, HR, and Marketing.



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