The Pocket Jump Will Charge Your Phone or Jumpstart Your Car

November 22, 2014

8:00 am

Batteries die. Sometimes, the battery on your smartphone dies way too soon. You forget how very powerless you are without your phone sometimes. But your car – when your car battery dies, everything comes to a screeching halt and everything you were obligated to do that day can be delayed for hours, if not cancelled altogether. Even if a Good Samaritan comes along with some cables, performing the jumpstart can be a tricky endeavor.

Most new cars have multiple safeguards in place against battery drain, but the leaving on of headlights and dome lights and radios can still happen. People who park their vehicles outdoors in hot climates often find that their car’s battery life has been significantly shortened. Taking short trips in cold weather – blowing on that defroster and cranking the wipers – can leave a battery without time to recharge on the way. Whatever the reason that you’ve been stuck with a dead vehicle, having the ability to get it going again in 10 minutes and without getting outside of the car can be a true lifesaver.

The Pocket Jump is a super powerful, high-tech device to charge any smartphone or tablet, and it can jumpstart your car from the lighter or power port! The Smart Charge technology knows the right voltage to use no matter what you plug into it. Be it mobile phone, tablet, gaming device, or vehicle you know you are getting the right voltage and most out of your charge.



Equipped with Smart Charge technology, it can recharge a multitude of devices, one after another, and still have the power to jump-start a vehicle. The Pocket Jump is also rechargeable, guaranteeing you safety and convenience for years to come.

Additional details:

  • The Pocket jump can be re-charged via a USB port in car or USB port in computer or any USB port plug.
  • Portable and Compact: We wanted to design something that would be portable and still carry enough oomph to jump-start your car!
  • Pocket Jump is available in a variety of colors: red, blue, purple, silver, and black.

Pocket Jump includes:

  • Micro USB Cable for convenience of recharging the Pocket Jump via USB power source
  • Cigarette Lighter Socket/Power Port Plug for transferring power from the Pocket Jump to your car battery using the internal wiring of the vehicle, and a reverse switch that allows you to recharge the Pocket Jump via your car’s battery once you’re back on the road.

Currently on Kickstarter, early backers will be able pre-order the Pocket Jump for $40. There are only 12 days left to get this campaign funded!


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