Polymail: A Simple Email Client to Replace Your MailBox Needs

With the advent of mobile apps, the number of email clients available in the market has grown almost exponentially. Nowadays we have multiple options to choose from, with the possibility of going for the one that better suits our tastes, as well as what we need an email client for.

One of the latest email clients around is Polymail, a simple, beautiful and efficient email client designed for iOS that also offers a web option. For some time now, the app has been in beta, but is finally launching publicly. The mobile version can be downloaded from the App Store now, while the OS X version can be fetched from Polymail’s website – both for free. And, with MailBox officially closing next month, Polymail could be the replacement you’ve been looking for.


Email is a pain for everyone, but it’s a necessary evil. Even though it’s far from being the perfect means of communication, email is widely used, so there is no solution other than having to stick with it. So, the best options is really to make it as attractive and efficient as possible.

Polymail is an excellent tool to achieve that. Not only does it come with stunning visuals – focusing on the beauty of simplicity – this app also comes with several tools that takes away most of the pain that’s related to using email. With features like snooze, mail tracking, send schedule, follow-up reminders, undo send, one-click unsubscribe (for unwanted newsletters) and enriched contact profiles, you can expect a fully-featured client that will make the whole experience much more easier and enjoyable.


Polymail has collected a huge deal of excitement and positive reviews, as the 100,000+ registrations for the beta and can be seen on the app’s Product Hunt page. Today’s launch puts Polymail under the spotlight, and will tell us if it can truly be the go-to client on iOS, especially after Sparrow, one of the most popular and acclaimed email apps on iOS, got discontinued. Be sure to give it a try, and you will most likely fall in love with this app.

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