Portion Perfect: The Smart Diet Scale Puts You in Control of Your Health

February 15, 2014

10:00 am

Portion control can be frustrating. A deck of cards is a serving of meat, a hockey puck for pasta. But is it a baseball or a tennis ball for fruit? Are we matching size or weight? And why are there suddenly so many sports items in my kitchen? The Smart Diet Scale lets you forget all that and focus on what matters: your health goals.

The Smart Diet Scale takes an integrated approach to portion control and nutrition. It starts with the four-sectioned plate. You place a single food per section, then weigh the whole plate. Call out what food is in each section, and that’s where your work ends. The on-board software weighs your meal, calculates its entire nutritional content, and automatically syncs with all your wellness wearables and nutrition-tracking apps. Now you know exactly what you are about to eat.


Life-long entrepreneur and inventor of the Smart Diet Scale, Nick Batsikouras, is excited about the potential impact of his product on personal health.

“When you invent something that could actually save lives, cut medical costs, and make the world a healthier place, that’s the gold standard. There is nothing better.”

In 2013, the U.S. saw steady growth in obesity rates across most demographics. This is a public health crisis that Batsikouras wants to help address.

“Portion control is the key to weight loss, but many people don’t know what two thousand calories look like. Education is the goal, and the Smart Diet Scale helps you stay on track.”

After making a splash at International CES 2014, online retailers and big box stores are looking to start distributing the Smart Diet Scale very soon. With production ramping up over the next few months, you could see the Smart Diet Scale hit select markets as early as the end of April 2014. For more information and news about the Smart Diet Scale, head over to their website.

Guest author Paul Michel is a post-bacc pre-med student at UVA. He is interested in how technology can harmonize with humanity to change lives, especially in healthcare.

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