Poshpacker: Upscale Backpacking Options for Your Digital Nomadic Ways

July 21, 2015

4:00 pm

Whether you consider yourself an avid explorer, casual traveler, or digital nomad who's constantly planning your next adventure in between working wherever there's a wifi connection, this latest trend in affordable travel may be right up your alley.

DC based is the world's first hotelier booking site for upscale backpacking. They integrate Instagram photos with geolocation data to provide users with accommodations that are unique, trendy, and offer more of an experience than your standard hotel. They recently relaunched their site and now include world’s largest international directory of poshtels–a relatively new breed of upscale hostels.

As more millennials are spreading their travel wings, they are bringing with them their desire for design-centered, affordable accommodations, that offer reliable wifi and other perks.

Poshpacker co-founders Anna Kojzar and Tania Cruz were kind enough to chat with me a bit about their platform and how they're hoping to change the travel industry.

Why should travelers use instead of the other options out there?

The hospitality industry is transforming. Hostels are becoming hip, b&b’s chic, and budget hotels trendier. However, it is very difficult to find and differentiate these places on a site that offers everything.

 With Poshpacker we are filling the gap between institutional hospitality itself and the sharing economy. We solve the issue for the demographic of travelers not yet ready to take the leap to being hosted in a stranger’s house, but who still seek a safe, reliable, and bespoke experience.

What conventional startup wisdom have you trampled all over and succeeded?

Conventional startup wisdom seems to be: start local, then go global. Focus on one market – typically your domestic market – first, get traction and think global later. We disagree with this mentality. For us, it made far more sense to go after international markets earlier. We’ve been able to build a name for ourselves early on in Europe, then capture Latin America and are now coming full circle to bring the Poshpacking trend to the U.S. We think that it all depends on your product and who it resonates with best. Our advice is to start there. Going after international markets earlier helps you shape your product and marketing efforts.

How do you see Poshpacker changing the future of travel?

Poshpacker is the catalyst for the next evolution of hospitality and travel. We envision becoming a trusted and leading lifestyle travel brand for the next generation of travelers. Poshpacker’s concept of cheap and chic is far extending and we aim to break into areas outside of just lodging to Poshpacker restaurants, Poshpacker tours & activities, etc. We even foresee Poshpacker being integrated into social.

The Poshpacker founders are grateful to have made DC the home of their startup. They see the city as very pro-female founders and are thriving on the diversity and opportunities DC offers.

Image Credit: Unsplash By Steven Lewis

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