7 Apps To Keep Productive Working from Home

July 16, 2015

10:00 pm

Working from home can be particularly distracting for many people. After two or three hours of intense work, our concentration levels decrease massively. That is when the temptation of social media and online conversation with friends can eat into your precious work time. On top of which, there can be all kinds of distractions in the house you have to navigate.

To combat these urges, there are some effective apps and tools that you can use to help you become more effective getting more things done. There’s no silver bullet technique, as everyone is different when it comes to personal productivity, however these are the ones that are helping me the most.

RescueTime is a brilliant free tool that helps you stop wasting time online. It runs in the background of your computer or mobile device and it tracks the time you spend on applications and websites. You can set up your own personal productivity objectives and track how well are you doing.

This tool is especially useful if you are interested in knowing what are you spending your time on exactly. Understanding this can help you reduce the amount of time on the websites you spend too much time on. If you want, you can receive daily emails or access your dashboard instead, with very accurate information about your daily activity online.

Harvest is an effective time tracking tool which is very easy to use and offers a number of benefits. Basically, you will spend less time tracking and more doing.

With Harvest it is very simple to manage timesheets and share them effectively with team members. It also makes your life easier with logging expenses and it is especially useful to create and send invoices with a real-time reporting system to keep an eye on today’s projects as well as planning for tomorrow.

YouMail is like having a personal assistant handling your calls so you don’t have to deal with more time wasters. Think about how much time you waste on irrelevant calls.

It has both telephone and mobile features and, among many other time-saving benefits, it blocks unwanted telemarketers or robocalls and transcribes your voicemails.

iDoneThis is a great tool to improve employees’ communication when team members are spread out in different locations. It is a very simple concept: at the end of the day each team member reports their progress and the next morning, all of them receive an email with everyone’s update.

It is a good way to motivate employees to get more things done and celebrate it by sharing it with their team. It helps create a culture of openness and gratitude without spending money on expensive resources.

Basecamp is another project management tool especially useful for team members based in different locations. It helps keeping track of the work allowing you to ask questions or discuss ideas with other members of your team. You can also share documents by uploading files to specific projects and receive emails with daily updates on your projects and tasks.

Scan- Biz cards will save you a lot of time and space. Although most things in business have gone digital, business cards are still in use. And this mobile app scans the information provided in a business card and saves the details on your mobile phone’s contact list. When working from home, space is especially precious so this tool can be priceless when used correctly.

Open Colleges has designed this interactive visualization to help you find the right apps and tools to avoid digital distraction and improve your productivity at work.

How to be more Productive at Work – Workplace Productivity Tips, Apps & Tools by Open Colleges

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