How the Best Professional Athletes Are Using Tech

April 7, 2015

10:00 am

For professional athletes or anyone who’s trying to reach the next level, it’s crucial that they have the tools to run faster down the field, jump higher than their opponent, or cross the finish line first.

Trainers keep athletes on track, but they can also help introduce new technology to help them reach their goals and avoid injury – this is something that Robbie Davis does on a daily basis.

“It’s important that I stay on the cutting edge of what is going on and that I am always supplying the newest and greatest things that are out there for professional athletes,” says Davis who started a company called Gameshape and privately trains athletes like Blake Griffin.

The VYPER and Other Products from HYPERICE

Essentially, Davis takes the newest technology in sports and uses it to help athletes become not only the best, but push past their personal threshold. However, the products he uses are incorporating new technology, but working off old models.

“Sometimes the most innovative tech products are also the simplest and I think that’s true for VYPER and also another one of the products HYPERICE uses which uses ice and compression devices,” says Davis. “Those other products on the surface are pretty simple and tried and true innovation.”

While HYPERICE offers a number of items for the knee, back and extended shoulder, the VPYER is the newest addition to the HYPERICE family.

The VYPER uses vibration technology and to make it simple, the vibration kinds of tricks the nervous system in some way. The feedback that I get from my athletes is that it’s not as painful. If you have ever foam rolled, you’ll know that if you are doing it correctly, it’s not a comfortable thing to do,” says Davis.

Additionally, Here’s what first time users should know about the VYPER:

  • It uses 3 different speeds and can last for up to 2 hours, if fully charged
  • Runs on rechargeable batteries
  • Helps with recovery and reduces soreness

 Other Tech Tips From Davis

While Davis believes the VYPER is one of the most important products to come out for athletes, he says there a number of other ways people can incorporate technology into their workout.

“I think using a heart rate monitor and doing heart rate training are good. Some of the new devices out there are really good,” says Davis. “You have the Nike FuelBand and the Fitbit and things of that nature that are keeping track of not only your heart rate, but they have a GPS built into them so you kind of know exactly how much you are moving during the day.”

Regardless of your status as a professional basketball player or college club athletes, Davis says it’s important to keep moving – and the new technologies have made that goal easier.

“Professional athletes are always going to want the best — they are going to train and work with the people who are going to supply those things to them. We are trying to do is show people that it’s not just for professional athletes, these things can help anybody,” says Davis. “Anybody that moves can be an athlete in some sense and everybody can benefit from these products.”


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