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Profile Defenders Can Delete Any Bad Website from the Internet

November 30, 2015

7:00 pm

Online reputation management is basically protecting your company or yourself from libelous online negative content, reviews, and defamatory bloggers. These kind of matters will arise from rivals, dissatisfied staffs, or disgruntled customers. Whether it’s a negative news story, result, or just a natural result of a growing business that receives negative press there was no permanent solution until now.

Profile Defenders Lawsuit Removal service has essentially cracked the code for very happy clients. After seeing a glut of unhappy clients from competitor the owners Richart Ruddie & David Lynn decided to develop a service that will give clients a permanent solution that the $60+ million dollar venture backed company could not.

The result was improved search results with a guarantee. Now clients who have suffered with unwanted results for years can clean up their Internet version of a “Scarlett letter” and get back to business.

The Most Crucial Part of a Business is Brand Management

As a business owner, it is important to remember that search engines rely mostly on relevance and not its quality as the basis of its classification of various content. Therefore, when anyone searches your business, the misrepresentation and defamations become authentic and significant to them. Consequently, online reputation management acts on the company’s behalf as a protective tool against such adverse web features which can damage the reputation of your company and cost your business thousands if not millions of dollars a year.

There are various strategies that could work to manage your brand reputation including media pushes. These publications can rank high on their own merit and suppress or push down the negative or unwanted result. Creating promotional and informative videos on YouTube and sending out to your users to comment and interact with your videos is just one of many steps advised for ranking good new content onto page 1 above the unwanted. Social media profiles are great if you do more than just create the profile. You have to optimize these by adding your peers, business contacts, and actually interact to get Google to show up high in the search results. On your business website or your biographical website you need about me pages that detail your information with helpful links.

Creating great new content is only half the battle these days, as it gets harder and harder to rank webpages on page one of Google for the average SEO or reputation management company. The issue with this, according to Profile Defenders, is that lots of great promotion will work temporarily, but over time new unwanted content is bound to appear; hence, the best approach is to combine great content with complete removals of the bad website or webpage. The fact that Profile Defenders guarantees to remove ripoff reports and other defamatory sites has now set them light years ahead of the struggling reputation management companies.

Online reputation management also heightens marketing even when there is the existence of negative customer reproach. For instance, if a customer has chosen to write a negative comment on a specific website, it is needless to say that the particular company will be affected by the customers’ comments. There are services that can set-up review management software and ways to manage your reviews so you are alerted when a review is left. As a popular Forbes article on reputation management states its important to not comment and make the page even worse but to tackle the problem head on and improve your business and your review management campaign. Therefore, the best approach to take care of such matters is for the company to employ an all-inclusive and reliable reputation management campaign.

Alternatively, the company can use the skills of a trusted provider who can offer different contents designed for the search engines. The company can also reassure their customers by putting up positive assessments as well as offer vital material about their business. Moreover, online reputation management can similarly help highlight to the general public that they ought to reflect on the products and services of the company offers before being quick to judging it. This will help improve the company’s reputation. The company may also hire professionals to clear up their online reputation on their behalf.

Importance of Online Reputation Management Services

Online reputation management services will help you improve your online reputation because it can be very dreary for you to come up with strategies to resolve those issues by yourself, especially if you have no idea where to start or what to do. The biggest shocker for individuals with tarnished reputations online is the cost to repair them.

The typical ORM campaign is around $7500 per negative URL. Anybody who offers turnkey or cheaper solutions finds that their reputation clients are getting what they paid for and in the end It’s not much.

The services that do actually help you determine where your company’s online reputation lies and the general outlook of your company based on the negative remarks written online. By having this information it becomes easier to resolve the negative reputation by creating strategies to withdrawing them.

Social media monitoring has become a huge boom to the world. Getting your company setup to track what is said is extremely important. Services like Knowem purchase your brands name for you if there is no existence of a company holding a similar name or brand to yours to avoid any remarks addressed to the other company doesn’t fall squarely on yours. This way any mention about your brand or company on social media or other online forums refer to you and not to any other as well. Where there is existent negative reputation, the online reputation management team will use various techniques to repair tarnished image, clear outdated information as well as false results.

The use of this services ensures that you not only rank highly on search engines but also modify your reputation by ranking positively. Maintaining this image could also seem difficult because you may be forced to monitor trends, website reviews and comments from clients but this is easily done by these professionals. If you’re looking for professionals who a guarantee for reputation management then reading up about profile defenders and their recent feature in Inc. Magazine may be a great place to start. A good campaign involves the analysts evaluating the situation from the ground up and then advising on how to repair the existing damage and protect your company’s reputation in the future hence improving your image.

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AJ Agrawal is an entrepreneur, speaker, and writer. He is the CEO and Co-Founder at Alumnify Inc.