4 Ways You Can Provide Your Own Media Coverage

I had a colleague recently ask me about what online PR distribution company they could use to publicize their book. My response was, “I’ve never used a press release ever.” I have only ever been my own media coverage. I see no reason to go backward in the evolutionary stages of publicity by using outdated tactics.

When I started in internet marketing, I didn’t have any knowledge about traditional tactics for getting publicity. My learning started online and mostly stayed on that channel because I soon discovered that blog writing could help me fuel my own publicity and, in the process, become my own media coverage. Here’s how you can do the same:

Blogging Still Matters

Despite the fact that there are thousands of bloggers now on the scene, it’s still a vital part of becoming your own media coverage. You have to put a lot of time into creating daily content and getting people to know that it was there, but once you do, it’ll become a solid foundation for generating even more coverage.

Entrepreneurs are most likely struggling for time, so producing blog posts on a daily basis may not be at the top of your list. You can schedule time each day to produce content and consider hiring a freelancer to assist you. Use tools like WordPress to create, manage, and post blogs.

Whatever you choose to do, start writing blog posts on what you know, including the industry you are in, the pain points that impact that industry, and the trends that impact what you and your audience are experiencing. You can set it up as a video blog if that helps you stick to a regular program of fresh information.

Focus on Email Marketing

I still use email marketing to reach out to my database and share more valuable information that they can use, furthering the thought leadership role and personal brand that I started with my blog. People tell me how much they look forward to getting my weekly emails that cover some main pain points and showcase some of the existing content that they might not have seen.

Whatever you do, give your email recipients some type of takeaway, such as a download or a set of helpful tips to have them coming back for more or, better yet, forwarding the information to prospects.

Always Be on the Lookout for New Tools

Video production has kicked into high gear with podcasts that offer an incredible way to create your own media. Even better is what Periscope is doing: giving entrepreneurs the power to create their own media broadcast without turning to television stations to cover your story.

I’ve been able to take control of the whole broadcast environment and film everything from events that my company is hosting to trade show appearances to daily life at the company. Other entrepreneurs have used this platform to make their own talk shows, do industry interviews, participate in panel discussions and full-fledged, magazine-style television programs, and create an exciting new format for broadcast.

Look to Content Curation

I have discovered that I truly enjoy crafting content and curating it to various online publications. It gives me and my team an opportunity to research and explore interesting information beyond what we supply in terms of solutions for our audience.

The content we select covers topics that I struggle with in terms of my own productivity, leadership, work-life balance and more. Sharing this kind of information with others creates publicity because readers begin to follow my articles on various syndicated sites. The articles contain links back to other posts or blogs on my website. It brings in more traffic and generates more interest in what my company offers.

I see the media as a place where we can all meet and offer a more even distribution method for all types of companies to get media coverage — where unrecognized startups can be featured right next to the big box brands. The idea that media can be more collaborative turns us all into media stars of our own making. How much we put in tells us how much we will get out of our media efforts. So, begin creating and start writing!

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