Qtee: “We’re the Nike ID of the Fashion World”

June 12, 2015

11:00 am

The technological world we live in affords some pretty unique and awesome opportunity, like drone aerobatics. However one of the often underestimated, or potentially overlooked, trends is the customization and personalization options we get because of tech.

All of us at Tech.Co have covered this topic. In fact, I wrote about a company recently that lets you design, choose, and print customized vinyl decals for your car – it’s super cool. No matter what though, one of my favorite applications of this technology lies in clothing.

There’s a company in LA, Qtee.com, which specializes in taking custom clothing to an entirely new level with their web platform. You can fully customize the patterns on their apparel, accessories, or shoes to create literally thousands of unique products.

“Any web company these days is at its core a technology company, and we think it’s this technology that differentiates us from our competitors,” says Kristin Swanson, founder of Qtee. “Using the same custom tech base as our parent company, Lamps Plus, we adapted, modified and tweaked it to bring a unique twist to custom fashion. We like to think of ourselves as the NIKEiD of the fashion world.”

The customization process is incredibly straightforward too. All you have to do is select a main product category, like shoes, and you’ll be shown the available patterns for the product.

From there you simply apply different patterns to your liking and either choose to purchase ‘as is’ or tweak the colors of the pattern for a custom look. It’s all built to be an intuitive and easy to play with experience.

Swanson and her team at Qtee have also built a streamlined process for taking the imagined products from the digital world into the real world. They prep, print, and actually hand finish each and every product before it’s shipped off to the customer.

“We’re flexible enough to adapt to a new opportunities and product lines as they come along,” says Swanson. “Bags and underwear, for example, are two of our newer product offerings. Because our tech platform is so robust, we were able to quickly get these lines on our site and begin selling to our customers.”

What began as a simple shirt customization shop has blossomed into a full scale clothing customization brand. You can customize your shoes, hats, tote bags, sweatpants, sweatshirts, and even your underwear.

In an effort to offer their users even more options for customization, Qtee has partnered with a host of new companies for the summer of 2015:

  • Suja Juice
  • CoolHaus Ice Cream
  • Tawnie and Brina Jewelry
  • Mandy Jiroux – Miley Cyrus’ best friend
  • Sports Brat
  • Greek Licensing for the sorority market

It should be noted that this platform is specifically tailored towards women’s clothing. Guys – if you’re interested in custom clothing check out Apliiq, it’s very similar.

Image Credit: Qtee Facebook page

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