7 Reasons Why Data Protection Is Your Safety Belt

Can’t find extremely important files on your computer? It’s pretty sad of course, but, to say honestly, that’s your fault. You can delete your own files accidentally or leave them exposed to everyone online.

Today your information is easy to hack – even if you store it in a hidden system folder. Unfortunately, old rules for hiding files don’t work anymore, because now your personal data could be accessible directly from the net by using such plugins as Shodan. Do you even know how it works?

Here are 7 reasons why usage of data protection is as important as a safety belt:

  1. By using security features, you can protect your intellectual property, your customers database, sensitive information (financial, insurance), etc. The best way to be one step ahead is to be well-armed. Use good encryption software to keep your data encrypted and hidden.
  2. Online backup provider Carbonite conducted research with 1,000 employees wherein 70 percent were found to report that they did some data backup, 48 percent said that they lost or deleted data accidentally, and only 13 percent said that they worrying about data issues. Always keep a backup plan in top priority and be ready for data loss disasters.
  3. Be sure that your data is secured from external penetration and don’t be afraid to communicate with the right people to be sure that your stored online information stays safe. Remember the latest data leakages, such as Ashley Madison, Hello Kitty, or 191 million voter records, and make sure that you are not the target.
  4. Do you know what ransomware is? It’s just like terrorists who take the victim as the hostage and demand ransom. The same happens with ransomware but your data is the hostage. Ransomware is installed on your machine as an unwanted app and then blocks all your data until you transfer money to the engineer’s account. The best way to avoid it is to use good antivirus protection. Such apps as MacKeeper, Bitdefender, and Kaspersky include both antivirus and data protection tools.
  5. Maybe it sounds too simple, but protection of your data helps to make plans for future. As the saying goes, you will never know your future not knowing the past.
  6. There are no invulnerable industries. Even if you think that your data is not worth to be stolen, read the Fortune report, according to which over 500 small companies fell victim to ransom and hacking in 2015.
  7. Data protection is a good habit, such as a fastened seatbelt. You won’t see the real benefits until the data loss overtakes you. Imagine the situation: your hard drive has become absolutely defective, and your life’s work (whether that’s art, code, thesis, or else) was permanently deleted.
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