Andrew Dufresne currently works for IT company and loves everything related to technology, hardware and software. At the same time he loves to write about travelling and likes to provide readers with the life hacks. He paints, likes extreme kind of sports and alpinism which are also could be one of the topics for his articles.


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Top 3 Free Anti-Theft Apps for Your iPhone and Mac

If you have avoided anti-theft apps because you had to pay for them, you might want to reconsider. A recent poll showed that 68 percent of phone-theft victims are willing to put themselves in danger to retrieve their lost or stolen phone. Fortunately, you can...


7 Reasons Why Data Protection Is Your Safety Belt

Can't find extremely important files on your computer? It’s pretty sad of course, but, to say honestly, that’s your fault. You can delete your own files accidentally or leave them exposed to everyone online. Today your information is easy to hack – even if...


5 Tips for Secure Online Shopping During the Holidays

Christmas is coming. Retailers have started aggressive sales tactics via email offers, banner ads, hot calls, and who knows how else? These pre-Christmas sales may hide scam schemes, phishing tactics, and malwaretising. Considering that you'll likely be online shopping, you must ...