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June 22, 2015

10:00 am

According to the internet (so it must be true), the word cathartic means “providing psychological relief through the open expression of strong emotions.” This is exactly what the site is attempting to do as a non-profit that uses the anonymous Darknet to help people share their burdens through storytelling.

Cathartic was launched in 2014 with one purpose: to allow anyone suffering from oppression, abuse, or any kind of burden to share their stories confidentially and anonymously to a broad audience. It is a space for anyone who has gone through a difficult or traumatic time to post in their own words as an attempt to relieve themselves of some of the pain, stress, or burden associated with it.

“No problem is too small. As human beings, we have grown as a people inclined to share stories. It's a part of what gains us a healthy degree of perspective on a situation, and allows us to begin healing ourselves. You have nothing to be embarrassed about. That feeling of needing to share, to get something off of your chest—it's a part of what makes you human. Type up your story, in your own words; by posting to, your personal details will be kept safely anonymous at all times. We won't ever ask you for them ourselves; we're only here to try and reduce the level of stress that comes with hard times, and the corresponding risk of factors such as depression, anxiety, and anger.”

The creators of Cathartic have designed the site to be as securely anonymous as possible. Users can connect to the Darknet portal via TOR( From there they point to and are redirected straight to the Darknet portal. They also take the following steps to ensure anonymity:

  • All IP’s in log files are masked.
  • All log files are remove every hour.
  • Any data collected is scrubbed, for example we know how many times a page has been read but we don’t know who read the page.
  • The only cookie we use is to authenticate you when you edit an article, the cookie is set to expire once you close your window.

As Cathartic has gained in popularity, they've also updated their page to include ways to raise money for the oppressed.

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