Salesforce to Launch ChatGPT Alternative Across Platform

Dubbed Einstein GPT, the new tool will have a business focus, allowing users to take advantage of the generative AI platform.

Another tech firm is jumping on the AI bandwagon, with Salesforce announcing that it would incorporate its own iteration of ChatGPT into its customer relationship management (CRM) software.

The business world is abuzz with talk of artificial intelligence, due to the popularity of ChatGPT, a generative AI platform from OpenAI that is surprisingly adept at creating written content.

As the most popular CRM in the world, it’s safe to assume that this kind of tech would benefit Salesforce users, which is why the company has announced plans to launch its own iteration of the tool.

Salesforce Announces Einstein GPT

At the TrailheadDX developer conference this week, Salesforce announced that it would be adding generative AI capabilities to its popular CRM platform with a new tool dubbed Einstein GPT.

“We’re announcing Einstein GPT, the world’s first generative AI for CRM. I think the future is really bright here. It’s creating a tremendous amount of opportunities for innovation within our ecosystem of products as well as our broader ecosystem.” – Patrick Stokes, EVP and GM for platform at Salesforce to TechCrunch

If you know anything about Salesforce, you likely recognize the Einstein name as Salesforce’s own AI-powered assistant that improved functionality for its users. Considering Salesforce partnered with OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT, to roll out this new feature, it’s safe to say this new tool could seriously help businesses out in the long run.

What Can Einstein GPT Actually Do?

All this talk of adding generative AI to platforms sounds great and obviously gets headlines. But how does it translate to actual, helpful features in platforms like Salesforce? Well, the specifics actually do sound like they could make life a lot easier for the average user.

“Think about all of the emails and chats that come into service agents today. They get inundated. With Einstein GPT for Service, we can auto-generate draft replies so that the agents can respond to customers much faster, and they get final say. They can make any edits before they hit send.” – Clara Shih, GM at Salesforce

This kind of functionality can be instituted across the Salesforce platform, including automatically generated customer summaries, personalized emails, and marketing copy to attract new customers.

That’s not all, though. Einstein GPT will also be able to generate images, like promotional materials for campaigns and other value assets for business owners. Even better, the platform will learn from your business operations, allowing it to provide a more comprehensive, helpful service in the long run.

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