SCORE: Online Dating Game That Connects Soulmates Offline

April 21, 2015

9:00 am

If life is messy, love is messier, especially when it includes technology. I know very few people who enjoy the experience of online dating: The process can be tedious and the outcome undesirable. Why is it difficult to find love online?

One reason why so many apps fail at helping people find lasting partners (but many f$%k buddies) is because we tend to take online dating a lot less seriously than the ones in real life. The approach to dating offered by apps like Tinder and Ok Cupid is the “window shopping” one, where you make decisions based on pictures.

But what if you met someone online based on personality? That’s what SCORE app is about, bringing the idea that making anonymity is  an integral part of the user experience. The app adds a gaming component to finding love (Don’t hate the player…), where information about matches are not disclosed unless the users “Score” well with one another. No swiping right.

“We’re more of a dating game than a dating app,” explains cofounder Casey Cordes. “People lie to make themselves look better. We’re not trying to connect people, we are showing different personalities.”

To “score”, daters are prompted to answer quirky and often risqué questions across different (and entertaining) categories when engaging with someone they’re interested in. They might be asked how they feel about a wide range of subject matter, from bar etiquette to classical music to the definition of “sexy”. When two users’ answers’ match up, their “score” with each other increases, unlocking an additional piece of information such as a photo or a shared interest. When two users achieve the perfect “score” with each other, they’re able to unlock the chatting feature, giving them the opportunity to meet for a real date.


Miami-based founders Cordes and David Steinberg see SCORE  as an opportunity to meet someone without the distractions of modern dating. The app basically pre-screens potential candidates so you don’t have to worry about actually liking a person once you “get to know them.” By giving users a game-like experience that popular dating apps lack while still leaving room for deeper interactions, Cordes and Steinberg believe that SCORE can change online dating experiences.


Score App

The “scoring” process ensures that users are only engaging with those that have similar views to themselves and have the freedom to disengage without sharing too much information should they feel the need to do so. A bit like blind date set up by your childhood friends who’ve seen the best and worst of you. According to Steinberg, score has 1o,000 active users.

Anyone can sign up to SCORE on both iOS and Android today for free. The first three categories of questions are free, but if you want to more questions, you must pay for the service.

Even if the person that you are matched with doesn’t have that physical attraction you were hoping for, this doesn’t mean that you won’t have a good time. If nothing else, you could make a new friend.


Image Credit: Flickr/Jason Devaun



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