Send Messages Like a Secret Agent with Privy

July 13, 2015

8:00 pm

Worried about the security of your information on your smartphone? Well, now you can rest easy since there is Privy Top Secret app to keep your messages and data safe from prying eyes.

The privy adecodepp is available for android as well as iPhone users. The unique feature of this app is that it provides offline encryption, which provides many advantages compared to server encryption. Now you can encrypt all your emails, SMSs, chat sessions, and access is granted only to the person who can key in the password set by you.

 Create Your Own Encryption Key

With Privy, you can create any encryption key of your choice. Simply put, you can create whatever password you want and share it with the person who is going to receive your messages. The best part is, you do not have to be online to complete the encryption since you have full control over the encryption process.

Much More Secure

Most encryption apps rely on a server for generating the encryption, whereas Privy has cleverly introduced a human component by allowing the user to create the password. This means, your mdecodeessages will be encrypted even before they leave your phone. This ensures much more security, because even if the message is intercepted during transit, it will not make any sense since it is already in an encrypted form. Secondly, even at the level of the recipient, it remains secure, and it can be accessed only by the person who has the key or password that you have created.

The privy app even saves you from your own error. For instance, if you are sending sensitive information to someone, and you mistype the email address, the person receiving your mail will not be able to access the message since he or she does not have the password.

You are Fully in Charge

The privy app puts the power of encryption directly into your hands. You are fully in charge of creating whatever password or key you want, and you do not have to depend on any server for this. With end-to-end encryption, there cannot be breach of security, because even if the server is hacked, there is no need for worry because your message will already be in an encrypted form.

Even the rightful recipient has much less to worry about because he can leave your message in the encrypted form on his phone, until he chooses to read it by using the password provided by you. The recipient can read the message whenever they want, there is not any rush.


Image Credit: Flickr/Gerard Stolk

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