Seven Reasons to Use ‘Facebook at Work’

December 28, 2016

3:30 pm

This fall, Facebook launched its Facebook at Work, a platform that allows for collaboration and socialization at the same time.

The software is designed to help companies keep employees productive and engaged. Facebook offered beta testing earlier this year to 450 companies, but it officially rolled out the new application in October. Here are some reasons why you might want to use Facebook at Work.

Don’t Pay for Empty Seats

Facebook is charging companies a per active user monthly fee. While this fee could be expensive for the companies, they won’t have to pay when employees are on vacation or not using the Facebook at Work each month. Therefore, companies are able to save money too. Companies, such as the Royal Bank of Scotland, has joined Facebook at Work. The Royal Bank of Scotland has more than 100,000 employees.

Get Special News Feeds

With Facebook at Work, the company can select what it wants on its news feeds. You will see feeds from colleagues to exchange ideas and to collaborate on projects. This feature is similar to Trello and other software already on the market that does this. The news feeds would be faster than e-mail and would allow for a transcript. This would mean that directions couldn’t be misunderstood, and they could be checked.

Group Chats Are Available

To compete with Skype, Facebook at Work will offer groups in addition to messengers. The groups will have video and audio capabilities for group chats. These group chats are popular in the workforce today. So many companies have employees around the world. They need the capability to talk instantly with people in other parts of the world. Staff meetings would more effective. Beyond chatting, Facebook at Work allows for live feeds and socializing through event and video streaming.

It’s Familiar

Getting people to join should be easier as people already have an account and password. The quick registration could propel Facebook at Work to the head of the pack, especially when Microsoft will scrap its version. That would make companies look elsewhere for a new tool. Competitors also confuse users because of software they haven’t tried to use. Companies can allow employees to set up new accounts that are used strictly for business purposes if they are afraid of the security issue.

Facebook at Work Comes Without Ads

It can be annoying to see ads every day on your screen. Facebook gets its revenues through advertising, like all media. However, the advantage to Facebook at Work is that it doesn’t show any ads. Users get a separate account for work, with none of their personal Facebook friends or messages mixed in with their professional identity. (Although a user can easily toggle between the work and personal version of Facebook with the click of a button.)

Post Graphs and More

Like regular Facebook, the Facebook at Work will allow pictures. However, you will have to post graphs and slides that are related to work. The Facebook competitors also allow for screen shots, PDFs and pictures relating to work. This feature will allow employees to show important points to managers and chief executive officers. However, you still will be able to post personal items on your personal Facebook that would be connected to Facebook at Work.

Get to Know Others

Because Facebook at Work will connect workers throughout the world, you will get to see and talk with other employees. This will help build connections and support from colleagues that might be living elsewhere. The auto-translate feature will change words from one country’s language to another. Thus, the language barrier would not be a problem throughout the world. For large corporations, this feature is an important one. If you need to get approval for a project from someone in France, Facebook at Work will do that for you.

Facebook at Work might have to spend some money to show the world why it’s more than a social network. It will have to show why it’s better than competitors. If Facebook at Work can accomplish those two items, it would be a good idea to adopt the technology and get started on collaborating today. The future of Facebook appears to be for work.


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