Tired of Driving for Uber? These 3 Other Apps Will Hire You!

December 2, 2014

11:00 am

Everyone has heard of or even used Uber: it is an app that people use to call for a (obviously paid) ride, with the option of choosing your desired vehicle: uberX, taxi, black, SUV, and lux – each with its own cost, and each fitting different occasions. People can also apply to become a driver for Uber, which is a valuable source of income to many people.

However, this job might not suit everyone. Maybe some people will find the payment to be undervalued, or the fact that it represents several hours sitting in the same place, getting stuck in traffic, and so on, all things that can spike one’s stress to the roof. If you are stuck in a similar job or just want to make a few extra bucks to add to your income, take a look at these three tech jobs that work just like driving for Uber.


Very similar to Uber, Lyft offers a “friendly and affordable ride whenever you need one”. Also enabled by an app, clients request for a lift and a nearby driver will appear to pick up the user, or the group if that is the case. Lyft provides three vehicle options: Lyft, that is a regular car that can take a group up to four people; Lyft Line, that shares a route combining several people’s requests; and Lyft Plus, a six-passenger ride that can also take bigger suitcases, boxes and so on.

Lyft also provides an Insurance Protection Plan, in order to make sure that every eventuality is covered and give you an increased sense of security when using the service. Also, all drivers have a background and DMV checks, vehicles are inspected, and there is a “both-way” rating system, where drivers evaluate clients and vice-versa.


Have you ever broken your phone or tablet just right when you needed it the most? If so, you know how frustrating that is, especially because there is no one around to help you fix it. Or is there? With iCracked, those days are most likely over. When your iPad, iPhone, iPad, or Samsung Device gets broken, just request iCracked’s services and get your phone fixed or sold on the spot.

iCracked accepts applications from hardware specialists, a position dubbed as “iTech”, which offers opportunities for knowledge and certifications, working with superior quality parts, as well as other benefits. The service has 1,100 iTechs across the country (and growing). The service also offers a “device buying” option, in which iTechs will meet you and pay for your broken phone with a prepaid debit card.


Do you need some groceries from that one store, but are too swamped in work to go there? Just ask Postmates, a service that will fetch your buying list from any store and deliver it to you in under an hour. With their real-time tracking feature, you know that you will not miss the delivery.

Postmates obviously accepts applications for couriers, and the great thing here is that there is no need to have a car – a bike will do just fine (even though the service offers cars, trucks, scooters and motorcycles). Couriers make a decent pay, with 100% of the tip and most of the delivery fee, averaging about $25 per hour, and they can choose their working hours.

With these three options, people looking to get an extra income should have no trouble finding it; they just need to choose what they prefer to do.

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