Siri Hacked: Five Of Our Favorite Hacks So Far

November 28, 2011

1:06 pm

It was only a matter of time before Apple's voice activated assistant, Siri, was hacked. With the help of Applidium, hacker and developer Pete Lamoni (@plamoni) released Siri Proxy on GitHub. It’s a proxy server that allows developers and hackers to create custom functionality for the Apple software.

Just a week later, here's a list of what we think are the most interesting Siri hacks so far.

Check and Set Your Thermostat
Pete Lamoni shares some details on the Siri Proxy server he created and offers a demo of how it can be used to control your Thermostat.

Control Your TV
Levergaging Plex, a free media center application that allows you to organize your collection of movies, music, TV shows and videos from online sources into one library, an Iceland developer has hacked Siri to enable you to control Plex by voice.

Start Your Car Engine
Brandon Fiquett created a Siri hack that started his car with the help of Siri and his Viper car remote.

Unlocks Doors
Laan Lab created a contraption that hooks to your door deadbolt and unlocks it upon Siri's command.

Get Your Hockey Scores
Sam Lu
decided to write a plugin that reports the current hockey scores for a team.

While these are all interesting and exciting uses of Siri, it's still very early in the Siri hacking game. There is definitely a lot of excitement in the developer and hacker community surrounding the use of Siri to control other objects, so I expect a number of other hacks to arise in the coming weeks and months.

Do you have a favorite Siri hack that you have been working on or seen? Drop us a comment on this post with the details.


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