Could Slack GPT Be A Game Changer For Productivity?

Slack has just announced Slack GPT, just two months after its owner, Salesforce, partnered up with OpenAI.

Slack has just doubled down on its AI offering with Slack GPT — a multi-pronged experience that plans on bringing the smart technology even further into our workplace.

Slack GPT aims to “transform how work gets done” by introducing new features within the central Slack app, automating workflows with AI actions, and integrating Einstein GPT, an AI chatbot released by Slack’s owner Salesforce in March.

As AI continues to dominate the business world, this announcement follows similar moves made by workplace collaboration platforms like Microsoft and Zoom.

What Does Slack GPT Offer?

Following the recent partnership between customer relationship management (CRM) company Salesforce and OpenAI, Slack has released Slack GPT — a manifold experience that aims to future-proof the instant messaging program.

This announcement builds on a number of previous forays into AI, including the ChatGPT integration for Slack which was launched in March, and Salesforce’s own CRM chatbot, Einstein GPT.

According to a recent blog post from Slack, the solution aims to bring “trusted generative AI to where your team already works” and intends on doing this in three major ways.

1. Integrations with other language models

Firstly, Slack GPT will make it easier for users to integrate with a language model of their choice, including a variety of partner-built apps like ChatGPT or Anthropic Claude.

Slack will also release a Workflow Builder which will allow workers to bring generative AI into a range of automated processes across the app without using code.

2. New AI features in-house

Slack GPT will also add a number of AI-driven features to the native platform. For instance, these tools could help users to summarize messages, tweak drafts until they fit their requirements, and shorten text for brevity.

These features could also be used by sales teams to generate account summaries and customer recommendations, or by marketers to automatically generate copy for blogs, adverts, or social posts.

3. Access to Salesforce’s Einstein GPT

As part of Slack’s AI package, it also welcomes integrations with Einstein GPT, a chatbot that’s been designed specifically with CRM capabilities in mind.

“The real power of this technology is when AI can analyze and act on the most valuable data from a company’s most trusted resource — its own internal knowledge” – Lidiane Jones, CEO of Slack

Einstein GPT combines AI models with real-time data from Salesforce Data Cloud, allowing users to ask countless prompts related to CRM content. For instance, the chatbot can be used to generate personated emails, create targeted content for marketers, or to auto-generate code for developers.

When Will Slack GPT Be Available?

Currently, most of Slack’s GPT developments aren’t available for public use.

While Slack’s productivity app Claude is available to install now, Slack’s ChatGPT integration is still in beta testing, and the platform’s Workflow Builder feature will be rolled out later this year.

Slack’s native AI capabilities and Einstein GPT integrations are still under development too. Therefore, if you’re feeling impatient and want to get your hands on AI-driven workplace solutions today, we would recommend using Microsoft’s impressive suite of offerings, instead.

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