Sleep Number Launches New Smart Bed with Snore Detection at CES

January 3, 2017

10:30 am

Today at CES, Minneapolis-based Sleep Number unveiled their latest offering, a smart bed called the Sleep Number 360. Building upon their existing Sleep Number IQ solution that tracks how well someone sleeps and integrates with fitness platforms, they will now add a layer of automation based on the data it collects. In all, the goal of the new Sleep Number 360 is react to how you or your partner is sleeping and automatically adjust to ensure you sleep well through the night.

Sleep Number’s smart bed will adjust to how you’re sleeping in four different ways: self-adjusting comfort, snore detection and adjustment, foot-warmer, and a smart alarm.

Many of us roll around in our sleep while we’re trying to find that perfect spot. Sleep Number 360 will not automatically adjust throughout the night based on your position, ensuring you sleep comfortably all night. The new automatic snore detection works in a similar manner due to the SleepIQ biometrics. As a person begins to snore, the bed will temporarily adjust in order to relieve the symptoms of what Sleep Number calls common, mild snoring.

Building on the increasingly popular sleep trackers and smart alarms, they’re also building their own system into the new beds. Using SleepIQ, the bed will sound when a person is in their lightest stage of sleep during their desired wake-up time window.

Sleep Number 360

Sleep Number 360

Sleep Number 360

Sleep Number 360

“Today we are excited to unveil the future of sleep: the Sleep Number 360 smart bed, a revolutionary product that redefines what people should expect from their bed,” said Shelly Ibach, Select Comfort president and chief executive officer. “A great night of quality sleep is essential to a healthy mind, body, and soul. Consumers love that the Sleep Number 360 smart bed automatically adjusts during the night to ensure you have your best sleep ever.”

Sleep Number 360 Beds and Bases are estimated to be available in the first half of 2017 and will be priced similarly to their existing lineup.

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