Smope: A Bit of Positive Energy for Every Day

September 17, 2015

9:00 pm

There are some points in life when you just hit the bottom, and there is only one “medicine” for that: just smile. Ruby Taylor, the creator of Smope, knows that, felt it, and has a solution to fight against those moments. The solution was successfully tested on her, and now she’s out and wants to share the love with you.


After suffering a traumatic brain injury from a car accident, Ruby Taylor’s life was turned upside down. She had to relearn many things and wasn’t able to smile or laugh, which depressed her.

She started searching for small things that made her smile and laugh. She developed an app, Smope, which helped her regain confidence, and now she is able to laugh and smile and live again.

“Smope” is the combination of two words: smile and hope. After surrounding herself with photos, those frozen moments in time we gladly remember, she found that these memories had a very positive effect on her. Now that she has recovered and is able to freely laugh again, Ruby is sharing the tool that made her feel better with us.

Since we carry our iPhones with us most of the time, we take tons of pictures. But we tend to forget about them as quickly as we take those pics. Smope taps into this database of wonderful memories and asks the user for up to 21 images.

Based on the selected delivery schedule, Smope then brings those pictures back to life by matching them with inspirational quotes. There’s one for every day, with the aim to “activate the part of the brain that can bring happiness and hope,” Ruby says.

Smope costs $1.99, and it is available in the App Store [download link].

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