Snapchat Launches ChatGPT-Powered Chatbot “My AI”

You can start a conversation with the My AI tool like it's just another one of your actual Snapchat contacts.

Snapchat has just launched a chatbot powered by the same technology as ChatGPT, called “My AI”, which will be made available for use next week.

The social media platform, which has around 750 million monthly users, is the latest tech company to utilize the GPT-3 family of language models to create a new AI feature for its customers.

However, don’t expect this chatbot to discuss any and all matters at length – strict limitations mean that it will obediently adhere to established trust and safety guidelines.

Snapchat Launches “My AI”

“My AI”, in a nutshell, is Snapchat’s answer to ChatGPT. It uses the same technology to generate accurate answers to user queries but has repackaged it into a mobile-friendly tool that can generate those answers quickly and concisely.

Unfortunately, at present, the new feature will only be available to Snapchat Plus customers, but the company says it will make My AI available to all of the platform’s users, free or paid, in the near future.

Snapchat Plus is currently priced at $3.99 per month. The company will hope that the release of My AI will help them expand its paid user base, which currently sits at 2 million users, a small fraction of Snapchat’s total.

ChatGPT vs Snapchat My AI: What’s the Difference?

Snapchat has assured users that My AI will always adhere to the trust and safety guidelines it has been trained on, which means it’s safer but more restrictive than ChatGPT.

The other big difference between ChatGPT and Snapchat’s My AI is that the latter functions more like a persona-mimicking bot rather than a tool with a genuine business application like ChatGPT. This will also set My AI apart from Bard, Google’s soon-to-be-released ChatGPT alternative.

In keeping with its more human-like appearance, My AI will appear as another contact on your Snapchat for you to talk to at any time. Don’t expect it to weigh in on politics or use curse words though, as it’s programmed to partake in neither.

Snapchat: One of Foundry’s First Beneficiaries

My AI was only made possible thanks to Foundry, a developer platform launched by ChatGPT creators OpenAI. Snapchat is thought to be among the first clients, according to The Verge.

Now it’s got itself up and running, the social media platform will now be able to improve My AI with information gathered from chats, and even incorporate language models from other vendors.

The race to create the world’s most popular chatbot is well and truly on. With Snapchat’s My AI feature coming out of the blue, it’s anyone’s guess who might be next.

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