SocialRank Builds for the Future: It’s All About Collaboration

According to the folks over at SocialRank, the past ten years have seen brands, agencies, and organizations spend countless hours and billions of dollars putting together massive audiences on social media. It’s a crucial step for anybody these days actually, especially people involved in the tech world on any level.

However, the team also addressed a major pitfall with this mentality: people don’t know much about those who follow them on social media. Not to mention, a lot of these parties don’t engage with their audiences outside of simply broadcasting to them.

“We believe the reason they don’t do more with their audience is they don’t have the tools to track and manage the campaigns they are running,” says the SocialRank team. “A surprise and delight campaign here, a local event there. All of these are lost in endless spreadsheets on Excel or Google.”

That’s one of the reasons the team built SocialRank in the first place: they wanted to help these parties better identify, segment, and engage with their audience. More importantly though, that’s the reason they today launched a new part of their platform called SocialRank for Teams.

“Whether you are a presidential candidate looking to find your biggest follower in Iowa to invite to a rally, or a brand looking to invite their 50 most engaged followers on Instagram to a local event – SocialRank is the solution. And as of today, you can execute on these as a team,” reads the blog post announcing the news.

More specifically, this new update allows brands, agencies, and organizations to use SocialRank and Market Intelligence in a collaborative environment. With SocialRank for Teams, you can set up email address logins for all team members, set permissions for individual members, and do this from a dedicated domain.

It’s pretty simple, honestly: once you request a dedicated domain, SocialRank will send you a link to then choose your domain. From that point forward, all you have to do to use SocialRank is head to your dedicated domain log in. Once you’ve set all that up, you can add departments or teams – it’s very similar to the way channels work on Slack.

The fun part is that everything can be personalized and customized. For example, if you work for a company like Adidas, you could customize your domain to read as You could also build your channels to read @Adidas, @AdidasBasketball, @AdidasFootball, or @AdidasBaseball. Of course that’s on top of all the other options for channels you can build in, like social media, marketing, HR, analytics, and communications.

A big piece of SocialRank for Teams is the ability to use Market Intel, which is the ability to run any public Twitter or Instagram through the SocialRank platform. Market Intel actually recently came out of beta phase and the team has plans to make it bigger and better further down the road.

“This launch is a pivotal moment for SocialRank. We are putting down the foundation layer for what is to come. We are evolving from a social media analytics product to a collaborative audience management platform and CRM,” reads the SocialRank blog post. “We have new filters and sorting options coming out soon. After that the next steps are to add CRM capabilities and actionable items inside of SocialRank. This means letting you add notes, create lists, track campaign performance, and have scalable private communication.”

The team loves to hear user feedback, so feel free to drop them a line and let them know what you think of the new SocialRank for Teams update.

SocialRank for Teams #1

SocialRank for Teams #2

SocialRank for Teams #5

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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