Picking Duck: Research-Driven Sports Betting

January 29, 2016

2:00 pm

Las Vegas, NV is the home of sports betting in the USA. Even in the down years of the real estate bubble, gross sports betting revenue nationwide was above $136 million. It is a quick, seemingly easy way to make money; it almost feels as if anyone can do it. With Picking Duck, you can prove how much smarter you are than the pros, and make money selling your picks.

Picking Duck came out of Celebrate 2015 with good momentum. The team has over 400 users, and now has backing to scale its operations. I spoke with Ken Manubay. He gave me the first look at Picking Duck’s new marketing campaign designed to introduce their crowdsourced model to the sports betting world.

I asked Manubay why it was necessary for a video like this. He said the goal is to scale Picking Duck’s user base by introducing their unique value proposition. Picking Duck is definitely NOT a gambling site; that is illegal in the USA. Picking Duck sells research and results. Once the objective proof is there, users can sell their picks to other users. “We are growing,” he said. “We want everyone to enjoy sports betting like we do, and make money at it.”

Sports betting has a less than desirable perception by many. Those who don’t take the time to understand the concept and business model might have legal questions about Picking Duck as a booking service. Manubay rebuts:

“We sell information, and selling information is not illegal.”

A big part of the value proposition for Picking Duck is the buyer guarantee. Users only pay for winning picks. There is a great explanation starting at 1:02 in the video. Picking Duck doesn’t set the price users pay for picks. That amount is determined between the seller and buyer. Picking Duck receives a small percentage from the seller of a winning pick as a fee.

There is no direct communication between buyer ad seller. Users are free to connect with each other on social media, but Manubay said there’s so much trash-talking between sellers that is gets counter productive. Instead, Manubay wants results to speak for themselves.

Picking Duck is about the fun part of sports better as well. Users can play for free on the site by signing up and making picks with “Ducks” provided by the site. Ducks are not real currency, but they allow users to take part and gain confidence in their ability to make winning picks without any real risk.

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