Startup Spotlight: Travel Deals, Meet Investors, and Multimedia Books

July 28, 2017

1:30 pm

August is around the corner, and in some parts of the nation that means school will soon be back in session. Each week, TechCo searches the web for five useful ideas in tech to share with you and this week, we rounded up a few items to add to your back-to-school shopping list, including an on-demand shipment service, a platform that helps you collaborate with the rest of the office, immersive multimedia books and more.

Cargo42 (Miami, FL)

Cargo42 is the Uber of carrier delivery. This app connects shippers with available local truckers. The business-to-business marketplace supports local trucking by benefitting both the shipper and the carrier. Shippers save money, receive an instant quote, and have access to an expansive carrier network. On the flipside, carriers receive payment faster, increase their income, and eliminate empty space in their vehicles. For now, Cargo42 is exclusive to Florida. Check out their area of operations below.

Shelf (New York City, NY)

Keep your office organized with Shelf, a platform that allows users to sync and search inside of files, including documents, presentations, images and PDFs. It boosts productivity by reducing clutter and enabling teams to easily navigate and share files. Users can search company information by applying filters or using the advanced search feature. Shelf also provides insights into how your content is used with powerful analytics. Soon, the platform will be able to suggest content.

FinalPrice (Los Angeles, CA)

Love to travel? Book your final travel plans of the summer with FinalPrice. This app finds you reduced travel rates on air travel, hotels, and rental cars through a yearly subscription fee. Because the fee is FinalPrice’s only revenue, travelers are bound to save money. For example, if you spend $10,000 on travel each year, you will save close to $2,500 by using FinalPrice. Need another reason to use the app? It learns a user’s preferences through artificial intelligence from previous itineraries and search history. Find what you’re looking for and quickly sort through specific options, like pet-friendly, complimentary breakfast, and more.

Waacal (Kirkland, WA)

This platform helps bridge the conversation between investors and startups and help investors manage their portfolio companies. For investors Waacal is an online community that stores all of your company portfolios in one place so you can manage and collaborate with team members. For startups they can manage funding rounds in the same spot to increase transparency with current investors and make due diligence easy for potential investors.

Bubo (CantonVaud, Switzerland)

Reading seems to have fallen to the wayside, with more and more people spending their free moments online streaming instead of with their nose in a book. Bubo is here to change that. Bubo combines the joy of reading with streaming music to create an immersive storytelling experience that excites the ears as well as the mind. It uses 21st-century technology to reinvent the way we read. By synchronizing music and illustrations to the story, reading with Bubo stimulates more of our senses and creates a more powerful experience. Available on the Google Play Store.

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