Spreesy Turns Any Instagram Account Into a Business

January 29, 2015

9:00 pm

Spencer Costanzo and Braydon Batungbacal might be two young college dropouts, but they’re two young college dropouts with a plan. Specifically, their plan is to make Instagram shopper-friendly via their platform, Spreesy.

You see, there are quite literally tens of thousands of people selling products on Instagram. Costanzo and Batungbacal simply want to capitalize on that market by giving sellers a way to accept payments directly through Instagram.

It’s a quick, three step process:

  1. Post as usual on your Instagram following the guidelines (link) to turn your post into a product that can be directly purchased.
  2. Once you’ve posted something for sale, anybody can purchase it by commenting with their email address. Spreesy automatically sends a secure checkout link to that email address on your behalf.
  3. The checkout link directs to a secure PayPal page where all the information is entered.

What Spreesy is enabling here is true one-step Instagram selling; any Instagram account can be transformed into an easy-to-run business.

“After spending many months of nonstop, every waking hour effort we had custom-built an app which resembled Wanelo and eBay, but we were exhausted,” says Costanzo. “Our problem was in obtaining a critical mass of users on both the seller and buyer sides. Our competitors, for example, had million dollar budgets solely for user acquisition. All we had were ideas, coffee, and some background knowledge in apps.”

The initial app they built, despite weeks of brainstorming and attempted growth hacking, began to withered, became underutilized, and went ignored. It wasn’t until they came across the idea of leveraging Instagram to target new users that things started to turn around; within five minutes they pivoted towards the beginnings of Spreesy.

Sure, these guys are young, but my parents always told me to never judge a book by its cover. After all, they have more experience developing apps than a lot of people I come across in my day to day – and I’m a tech writer.

Costanzo began coding at age 17, Batungbacal age 8. Between the two of them, they have amassed over 21,000,000 app users with no marketing budget through purely organic techniques. But they abandoned all of their past apps to pursue something larger and take their game to the next level with Spreesy.

“Spreesy is something we feel has the potential to change social commerce,” says Costanzo. “We’re passionate about the paradigm-changing implications of social commerce in the upcoming years, and we feel that Spreesy is the company that our past startups have prepared us for.”

I wouldn’t bet against these kids. Knock it out of the park, my friends.




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